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Unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him, and cried, saying, Thou art the Son of God. And he straitly charged them that they should not make him known. Mark 3:11

Trivia: In Mark 7, what commandment did Jesus criticize the Pharisees for not obeying?

SAB: Trivia Questions


  1. What sin will never be forgiven?
  2. LUKE

  3. What cities did Jesus say would suffer a fate worse than Sodom?
  4. What city did Jesus say would be thrust down to hell?
  5. Who tried to throw Jesus off a cliff?
  6. How many devils were cast out of Mary Magdalene?
  7. Who did Jesus say he saw falling like lightning from heaven?
  8. According to Jesus in Luke 12:5, whom should you fear?
  9. When did Pilate and Herod become friends?
  10. According Jesus, who was the greatest prophet?
  11. According to Jesus, what will happen to the haves and have nots?
  12. According to Luke 2:23, what does the law of the Lord say about every male that opens the womb?
  13. In Luke 12, what did Jesus say he came to bring? (Hint: It wasn't peace on earth.)
  14. Who said that even the devils obey them?
  15. Why did Jesus speak in parables?
  16. What two types of animals did Jesus give seventy of his disciples power to safely walk on?
  17. According to Luke 3:38, who was the son of God?
  18. What sin did Jesus say would never be forgiven?
  19. What did Jesus say would happen to an unprepared servants when the Son of man comes?
  20. JOHN

  21. How did Nathanael know that Jesus was the Son of God?
  22. What bread did Jesus give for the life ofthe world?
  23. Who chose a devil for a disciple?
  24. What must you eat and drink to have life in you?
  25. What did Jesus say about everyone who came before him?
  26. Who was caught fishing naked in John 21?
  27. According to Jesus in John 12:25, what must you do to gain eternal life?
  28. How many fish did Jesus help the disciples catch in John 21?
  29. What was the new commandment that Jesus gave to his disciples?
  30. How did Jesus say we would recognize his disciples?
  31. According to John 7:38, who will have rivers of living water flowing out of their bellies?
  32. ACTS

  33. What married couple was killed by God for not giving all their money to the church?
  34. Where did the Holy Ghost forbid Paul from preaching?
  35. What four things did the apostles require of believers at the Council of Jerusalem?
  36. Who did the people of Lystra think were the gods Mercury and Jupiter?
  37. Why did Paul shave his head?
  38. In Acts 19, what did the evil spirit say to the vagabond Jewish exorcists?
  39. According to the book of Acts, who was killed and eaten by worms for not giving God the glory?
  40. ROMANS

  41. According to Romans 4, what could Abraham do when he was about a hundred years old?
  42. What are the commandments listed by Paul in Romans 13?
  43. According to Romans 9:13, who did God hate?
  44. According to Paul, what do weak people eat?

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