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But as for those who deny Our revelations, torment will afflict them 6:49

Trivia: What will Allah do to those who think religion is a passtime or a joke?

Surah 6: Cattle (Al-An'am)

    Allah destroyed many generations (1-41)

    He made it impossible for them to believe (25-41)

    Animals are people too (38-41)

    They will drink boiling water (because they disbelievd) (42-73)

    Abraham and his idol-worshiping father (74-83)

    Allah's favorite people (Noah, David, Elisha, Lot, et al.) (84-87)

    Today you are awarded doom and degradation (88-99)

    The assembly of the jinn (100-136)

    Let them kill their children (137-141)

    What you may eat: Eight pairs? (142-165)

    And evil doom (149-165)

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