0 Bhagavad Gita Topical Outline

Wherever is Krishna, Yoga's Lord, wherever is Pârtha, the archer, assured are there prosperity, victory and happiness. So I think. 18:78

Trivia: What are the eight things that Krishna is composed of?

Bhagavad Gita

1 The armies assemble for battle (1-11)

    Many conchs blow loudly (12-19)

    Arjuna decides not to participate in the battle (20-47)

2 Krishna explains why Arjuna should fight in the war (1-38)

    Krishna's advice to Arjuna (39-72)

3 More advice for Arjuna (1-43)

4 The incarnation of Krishna (1-12)

    Krishna created the caste system (13)

    Action and inaction (14-38)

    Faith and doubt (39-42)

5 Which is better renunciation or yoga? (1-29)

6 Yoga instructions (1-47)

7 There is nothing more here needed to be known (1-11)

    The divine illusion (12-30)

8 Whatever you're thinking about when you die, that you become (1-12)

    Say "Aum" while thinking about Krishna (13-28)

9 It's all about me (Krishna) (1-34)

10 I am Krishna the great and powerful (1-42)

11 Krishna shows himself to Arjuna (1-31)

    Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds (32-55)

12 Those who worship me are the best at yoga (1-20)

13 He shall not be born again (1-35)

14 My womb is the great eternal (1-4)

    Harmony, Motion, and Inertia (5-27)

15 The sacred fig tree (Ficus religiosa) (1-3)

    How the Lord enters and leaves bodies (4-11)

    I digest the four kinds of food (12-14)

    I sit in everyone's heart (15-20)

16 The divine and the demoniac (1-24)

17 The three kinds of faith (1-6)

    The three kinds of food (7-28)

18 When killing isn't killing (1-40)

    Caste system duties (41-78)

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