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Then Moses threw his staff and lo! it swallowed that which they did falsely show. 26:45

Trivia: What was the conduct that Lot hated among his people?

Surah 26: The Poets (Al-Shu'ara)

    Ta. Sin. Mim. - Scripture made plain (1-9)

    Moses and the Pharaoh (the long version) (10-68)

    Abraham (and his idol-worshiping father) (69-104)

    Noah, the plain warner (105-122)

    The prophet Hud and the tribe of A'ad (123-140)

    The prophet Salih and the tribe of Thamud (141-154)

    Allah's she-camel (155-159)

    Lot: Do you go after the males? (160-227)

    The prophet Shu'eyb and the people of Midian (176-189)

    Don't follow poets (190-227)

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