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Surah 37: Those who set the ranks (As-Saffat)

    The Highest Chiefs and plastic clay (1-11)

    This is mere magic (12-21)

    Together with their wives (22-34)

    A mad poet (35-39)

    With modest gaze and lovely eyes (40-49)

    The tree of Zaqqum (50-74)

    Noah was one of our believing slaves (75-82)

    Abraham: I dreamed that I must sacrifice you (83-113)

    Moses, Aaron, and Elias were our believing slaves (114-132)

    Lot and an old woman who stayed behind (133-138)

    Jonah would have tarried in its belly (139-148)

    Allah didn't create any female angels (And he doesn't like daughters more than sons) (149-157)

    The single-minded slaves of Allah (158-182)

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