0 37. Those who set the ranks : Injustice

The tree of Zaqqum ... springeth in the heart of hell. Its crop is as it were the heads of devils. ... They verily must eat thereof, and fill (their) bellies therewith. 37:62

Trivia: What is the name of the tree that grows in the heart of hell and torments its inhabitants?

  1. Those who "did wrong" will go to hell, and their wives will go to hell with them (no matter how they behaved). 37:22-23
  2. Those who refuse to believe in Muhammad's revelations will face a painful doom. 37:31-38
  3. "Then looketh he and seeth him in the depth of hell." 37:55
  4. If you're not favored by Allah, you're doomed. 37:57
  5. Those in hell must eat from a tree with the heads of devils, and then drink boiling water. After that they return to hell. 37:62-68
  6. Allah drowned everyone except Noah and his family in the flood. 37:82
  7. When Abraham's son, Ishmael, was old enough to walk, Allah told Abraham in a dream to sacrifice Ishmael. So Abraham asked Ishmael if it'd be OK with him, and Ishmael said, "Sure thing, Dad, go ahead and kill me for God. I won't even flinch." 37:102
  8. Only the "single-minded slaves of Allah" will be saved from the doom. 37:127-8
  9. Allah killed everyone in Sodom except for Lot and his family. 37:136
  10. No one is against Allah, except those who burn in hell. 37:162-3
  11. Just wait a while and watch. The unbelievers will soon be destroyed in the doom. 37:176-9

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