0 37. Those who set the ranks : Absurdity
  1. "Shall we forsake our gods for a mad poet?"
    Muhammad's critics thought he was "a mad poet." 37:36
  2. Those in hell must eat from a tree with the heads of devils, and then drink boiling water. After that they return to hell. 37:62-68
  3. When Abraham's son, Ishmael, was old enough to walk, Allah told Abraham in a dream to sacrifice Ishmael. So Abraham asked Ishmael if it'd be OK with him, and Ishmael said, "Sure thing, Dad, go ahead and kill me for God. I won't even flinch." 37:102
  4. Jonah was swallowed by a fish. 37:142
  5. "We would be single-minded slaves of Allah."
    Just what the world needs: a few more single-minded slaves of Allah! 37:169

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