0 Genesis Topical Outline

He that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised. 17:13

Trivia: When did God repent for the first time?

The First Book of Moses, called Genesis

1 The first creation account (1-2)

2 The first creation account (continued) (4-25)

     The second creation account (4-25)

3 Two trees, a talking serpent, and a fearful god (1-24)

4 Cain kills his brother Abel (1-8)

    The life of Cain (9-18)

    Lamech, a bigamist and a murderer (19-24)

    Adam and Eve have another boy: Seth (25-27)

5 Adam's family (1-5)

    From Seth to Noah (6-32)

6 The Sons of God (1-4)

    God Plans the Flood (5-22)

7 Noah's Ark (1-10)

    The Great Flood (11-24)

8 The Flood Subsides (1-19)

    Noah's Sacrifice (20-22)

9 God's Post Flood Instructions (1-7)

    The Rainbow (8-19)

    Noah, the Drunk and Naked (20-21)

    The Curse of Canaan (22-29)

10 The Descendants of Japheth, Ham, and Japheth (1-32)

11 The Tower of Babel (1-9)

    From Shem to Abraham (10-26)

    Abraham, Sarah, and Lot travel to Haran (27-32)

12 Abraham travels to Canaan (1-9)

    Sarah lies for Abraham (the first time) (10-16)

    God sends plagues on the Pharaoh and his household (17-20)

13 Abraham, Sarah, and Lot return to Canaan (1-5)

    Abraham and Lot split up (6-10)

    Lot chooses Sodom for his new home (10-13)

    God promises to give Abraham everything else (14-18)

14 The Battle of Sodom and Gomorrah (1-17)

     Melchizedek gets one-tenth of the booty (18-24)

15 God's promise to Abraham (1-21)

16 Abraham impregnates Sarah's slave, Hagar (1-14)

    Sarah forces Hagar to leave (5-6)

    God sends an angel to retrieve Hagar (7-14)

    Hagar gives birth to a son, Ishmael (15-16)

17 God's everlasting covenant: Circumcision! (1-14)

    God promises to get Sarah pregnant. (15-16)

    Abraham laughs at God. (17-22)

    Abraham, Ishmael, and male slaves are circumcised. (23-27)

18 Abraham feeds God and two men. (1-8)

    Sarah laughs at God. (9-15)

    God wonders if he should tell Abraham about Sodom. (16-22)

    Abraham tries to talk God out of it. (23-33)

19 Two angels come to Sodom (1-3)

    The men of Sodom ask to get to know the angels (4-5)

    Lot offers his two virgin daughters (6-9)

    Lot and his family leave Sodom, and God destroys it (10-25)

    Lot's wife looks back, and God turns her into salt (26-29)

    Lot gets drunk and impregnates his daughters (30-38)

20 Abraham repeats the "She's my sister" lie (1-2)

    God threatens to kill Abimelech and his people (3-11)

    Abraham says it was only a half lie (12-16)

     God opens all the wombs in Abimelech's kingdom (17-18)

21 God visits Sarah and she concieves. (1-7)

    Sarah tells Abraham to abandon his first son, Ishmael (8-11)

    God tells Abraham to do as Sarah says (12-13)

    Abraham does as he's told (14-21)

    Abraham swears to God. (22-34)

22 God tells Abraham to kill his son, Isaac (1-2)

    Abraham prepares to kill his son for God (3-10)

    An angel to the rescue! (11-15)

    God blesses Abraham for his willingness to kill his son (16-18)

    Rebekah is Abraham's great-niece (19-24)

23 Sarah dies. (1-2)

    Abraham buries Sarah in a cave (3-20)

24 Abraham makes his servant swear to God (that he won't let Isaac marry a Canaanite) (1-9)

    The servant finds a wife for Isaac - Rebekah. (10-67)

25 Abraham takes another wife - Keturah (1-4)

    Abraham dies, giving all his possessions to Isaac (5-11)

    The generations of Ishmael (12-18)

    The birth of Isaac's sons, Esau and Jacob (19-28)

    Esau sells his inheritance for a bowl of lentil soup. (29-34)

26 God tells Isaac to visit the land of the Philistines (1-6)

    Isaac uses his dad's famous "She's my sister" lie (7-11)

    God blessed Isaac in the land of the Philistines (12-17)

    Isaac digs some wells. (18-22)

    Isaac went to Beersheba (23-33)

    Esau married Judith and Bashemath. (34-35)

27 Jacob and Rebekah deceive Isaac (1-46)

28 Isaac's instruction to his son Jacob: Don't marry a Canaanite. (1-5)

    Esau collects a third wife. (6-9)

    Jacob dreams on a pillow of stones. (10-17)

29 Jacob and Rachel: The Great Baby-Making Contest (1-35)

30 The Great Baby-Making Contest continues (1-24 [1])

    Jacob asks Laban to let him leave. (25-31)

    Jacob's speckled and spotted cattle caper (32-48)

31 Jacob runs away from Laban (1-21)

    Laban catches up to Jacob (22-43)

    This heap is a witness (44-55))

32 Jacob meets God's host (1-2)

    Jacob prepares to meet Esau (3-21)

    Jacob has a wrestling match with God - and wins! (22-32)

33 Jacob meets Esau (1-20)

34 Shechem and Dinah (1-31 [1])

35 Jacob travels to Bethel (1-15)

    Rachel dies (16-21)

    Reuben has sex with his father's concubine (22-27)

    Isaac dies (28-29)

36 The generations of Esau (1-43)

37 Jacob loved Joseph more than his other children (1-4 [1])

    Joseph's first dream (5-8)

    Joseph's second dream (9-11)

    Joseph's brothers get rid of Joseph (12-36)

38 Judah and the daughter of Shuah (1-5)

    Er, Tamar, and Onan (6-12)

    Judah and Tamar (13-30)

39 Potiphar buys Joseph. (1-6)

    Potiphar's wife (7-18)

    Joseph is imprisoned. (19-23)

40 The king's butler and baker (1-8)

    The butler's dream (9-15)

    The baker's dream (16-19)

    Joseph's interpretations come true (20-23)

41 Pharaoh's dreams (1-24)

    Joseph interprets the Pharaoh's dreams. (25-46)

    Joseph's interpretations come true. (47-57)

42 Jacob's sons travel to Egypt (1-24)

    Jacob's sons return to Canaan (25-38)

43 Jacob's sons return to Egypt (1-34)

44 Jacob's sons leave Egypt (1-3)

    Joseph's divining cup (4-34)

45 Joseph identifies himself to his brothers (1-28)

46 Jacob and his family travel to the land of Goshen (1-7)

    The names of Jacob's family (8-28)

    Joseph meets Jacob and his family. (29-34)

47 Pharaoh invites Jacob and his family to live in Goshen (1-12)

    Joseph collects all the money in Egypt (13-27)

    Joseph swears to bury Jacob in Canaan. (28-31)

48 Jacob's (messed up) blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh (1-22)

49 Jacob's deathbed speech (1-32)

    Jacob dies. (33)

50 Jacob's burial (1-13)

    Joseph's brothers apologize to Joseph (14-21)

    Joseph dies (22-26)

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