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John C. Bennett ... shall be great ... I have seen the work which he hath done, which I accept if he continue, and will crown him with blessings and great glory. 124:16

Trivia: What man in the Doctrine and Covenants is said to be a perfect man who looked just like his father - so much so, in fact, that they could only be distinguished by their age?

The Doctrine & Covenants

1 The Lord's preface to his book of commandments (1:1-16)

    I the Lord gave Joseph Smith Jun. my commandments (1:17-39)

2 By the hand of Elijah (2:1-3)

3 The wicked Martin Harris and the lost 116 pages (3:1-20)

4 A marvelous work (and a wonder) is coming soon (4:1-7)

5 Martin Harris would like to see the plates (5:1-10)

     The Lord will show the plates to three men (5:11-22)

     Now about the guy who wants to see the plates (Martin Harris) (5:23-35)

6 A great and marvelous work is coming (6:1-19)

     Jesus gives Oliver Cowdery the gift of translation (6:20-37)

7 John the apostle is still alive (like a flame or an angel) (7:1-8)

8 Jesus gives Oliver Cowdery the gift of translation (again) (8:1-12,)

9 Jesus takes away Oliver Cowdery's translating privleges (9:1-7)

     How to make a decision (If it feels good do it) (9:8-14)

10 Satan's plan for the lost 116 pages (10:1-29)

     Jesus will provide new plates to translate (the plates of Nephi) (10:30-41)

     Jesus is more cunning than the devil (10:42-45)

     I'm Jesus Christ, the Son of God (10:46-70)

11 A great and marvelous work is coming soon (11:1-22)

     You're Hyrum [Smith]. I'm Jesus. (11:23-30)

12 A great and marvelous work is coming soon (12:1-9)

13 The priesthood of Aaron (13:1)

14 I'm God. I'm Jesus. And you're David [Whitmer]. (14:1-11)

15 Things that only God and John Whitmer know (15:1-6)

16 Things that only God and Peter Whitmer know (16:1-6)

17 You'll see the plates (and other things) (17:1-9)

18 Fight against the church of the devil (18:1-47)

19 They won't be tormented forever, but it will be endless torment (Endless is my name) (19:1-12)

     Keep Joseph Smith's commandments (Or Jesus will smite you with the rod of his mouth) (19:13-23)

     Martin Harris, pay for the Book of Mormon (Or you and your property will be destroyed) (19:24-41)

20 The Church of Christ (aka The Mormon church) was founded on April 6, 1830 (20:1-5)

    An angel with white clothes visits Joseph Smith (20:6-14)

    Those who reject the Book of Mormon are condemned (20:15-34)

    We're not adding anything to the Bible (20:35-84)

21 Seer, translator, prophet, apostle, and elder (21:1-3)

     Obey Joseph Smith like he was God (21:4-9)

     A mutual ordination (21:10-12)

22 You must get re-baptized (and don't tell God what to do) (22:1-4)

23 A few words to Oliver, Hyrum, Samuel, and two Josephs (23:1-7)

24 Write the Book of Mormon (24:1-2)

     If they refuse to support you, I'll curse them (24:3-12)

     Poisonous snakes and deadly poisons (24:13-14)

     I will smite them according to your words (24:15-19)

25 Delight in your husband (and the glory that will come on him) (25:1-16)

26 By common consent (26:1-2)

27 Make your own wine for the sacrament (don't buy it from your enemies) (27:1-4)

     Someday Jesus will drink wine with you, Moroni, Elias, Elijah, Joseph, Michael (aka Adam), and many others, some who are out of this world (27:5-18)

28 Only Joseph Smith receives commandments (Not you, Oliver Cowdery) (28:1-7)

     Go preach to the Lamanites (28:8-10)

     God didn't reveal anything through Hiram Page's stone (Satan deceived him) (28:11-16)

29 Listen to the voice of Jesus, the great I am (29:1-8)

    God will send flies and maggots to eat the wicked (29:9-20)

     The great and abominable church will burn (29:21)

     All the dead people will come forth (29:22-35)

     Those who don't believe will be damned (29:22-35)

30 David [Whitmer], pay more attention to God and Joseph Smith (30:1-4)

     Peter [Whitmer], go with Oliver [Cowdery] to preach to the Lamanites (30:5-8)

     John [Whitmer], go live in Philip Burroughs' house (30:9-11)

31 Thomas [B. Marsh], you're going on a misson! (31:1-13)

32 Parley Pratt, Ziba Peterson, and Jesus will join the mission to the Lamanites (32:1-5)

33 Ezra and Northrop, open you mouths (and they shall be filled) (33:1-15)

     Behold, I come quickly (33:16-18)

34 Jesus: I come quickly, Orson (34:1-12)

35 Sidney Rigdon - baptize and write for Joseph Smith (35:1-27)

36 Edward Partridge - preach my gospel (with the voice of a trump) (36:1-8)

37 Choose for yourself until Jesus comes (37:1-4)

38 Thus saith Jesus, the great I am (38:1-31)

     Here's a commandment for you: Go to Ohio (38:32-42)

39 Go to Ohio, James Covill (39:1-24)

40 Satan stole James Covill from Jesus (40:1-3)

41 The heaviest of all cursings (41:1-6)

     Build a house for Joseph Smith (41:7)

     Give Sidney Rigdon whatever he wants (41:8)

     Make Edward Partridge a bishop (41:9-12)

42 Go forth two by two with the sound of a trump (42:1-17)

     Killers must be killed (and they'll never be forgiven) (42:18-21)

     Love your wife (and only your wife) (42:18-29)

     Help the poor (42:30-42)

     Faith healing (42:43-59)

     Those who disobey are damned (42:60-70)

     Pay your church leaders (42:71-73)

     What to do with fornicators (42:74-93)

43 Only Joseph Smith receives commandments and revelatons (43:1-11)

     Give Joseph Smith food, clothes, and whatever else he needs (43:12-16)

     The end is coming (so gird up your loins) (43:17-35)

44 Let's have a meeting (44:1-6)

45 I'm Jesus, listen to me (45:1-10)

     The city of Enoch is out of this world (45:11-14)

     Jesus prophesies as in the days of old (45:15-40)

     The day of the Lord (45:41-59)

     And that's all I have to say about that (until the New Testament is translated) (45:60-62)

     Go west to the New Jerusalem (or Zion) (45:63-75)

46 How to have a meeting (46:1-7)

     Seek the best gifts (46:8-33)

47 I'd like John Whitmer to write history (47:1-4)

48 Save your money to buy some land in the city (I'll tell you what city later) (48:1-6)

49 Go preach to the Shakers (49:1-28)

50 I've seen abominations in the church (50:1-30)

     How to know if a spirit is from God (50:31-36)

     Edward Partridge isn't justified in this thing (50:37-46)

51 To each according to his needs (51:1-12)

     The bishop's salary is whatever he wants it to be (51:1-12)

52 God gives Missouri to the Mormons (52:1-6)

     Two by two (missionary style) (52:7-44)

53 A message from God to Sidney Gilbert (53:1-7)

54 Newell Knight, to go Missouri and wait for me to come (54:1-10)

55 To William [Phelps] from the Lord (55:1-6)

56 They shall know mine arm (56:1-3)

     I've changed my mind (and commandments) (56:4-7)

     I'll pay Joseph Smith back when he gets to Missouri (56:8-13)

     Wo to the rich who won't help the poor (56:14-20)

57 Here is wisdom: Zion is Independence, Missouri (57:1-3)

     Sidney Gilbert will buy land for the church (This also is wisdom) (57:4-10)

     William Phelps will be the church's printer (This is even more wisdom) (57:11-16)

58 Hearken, give ear, and learn of me (58:1-13)

     Edward Partridge must repent for his unbelief (58:14-20)

     Here is wisdom: Obey the laws of the church (58:21-31)

     If someone disobeys my commandment, I revoke it (58:32-33)

     Give money to the church so it can buy land (58:34-38)

     Martin Harris and William Phelps must repent (58:39-48)

     God wants to purchase the whole region ASAP (58:49-59)

     Take what was given to Ziba Peterson (58:60-65)

59 Commandments and revelations in their time (59:1-14)

     Don't laugh too much (for this is sin) (59:15)

     God made everything for humans (59:16-20)

     Don't bother me about it anymore (59:16-20)

60 When I make up my jewels, everyone will know (60:1-4)

     Build a craft and go to St. Louis (60:5)

     From there, Joseph Smith will go Cincinnati (60:6-)

61 God cursed the waters - especially the Missouri River (61:1-18)

     God told Satan to ride on the Missouri River (61:19-39)

62 Go two by two - on horses, mules, or chariots (62:1-9)

63 I can kill people and send them to hell (63:1-6)

     Don't me ask for signs (63:7-13)

     The lake of fire and brimstone (63:14-23)

     Go to Zion and buy land (63:24-38)

     Titus Billings - sell your land and give the money to Zion (63:39-41)

     Newell K. Witney - Open a store and give the money to Zion (63:42-45)

     Oliver Cowdery gets all the money (63:46-54)

     Sidney Rigdon - I don't like your writing (63:55-66)

64 Joseph Smith has the keys to the kingdom (64:1-14)

     Ezra Booth and other sinners (64:15-17)

     Who should sell his farm (and other business matters) (64:18-22)

     From now until the Son of Man comes is today (If you tithe, I won't burn you when he comes) (64:23-25)

     Don't sell the store (or get in debt to your enemies) (64:26-27)

     The Lord takes what he wants (and pays back whenever he wants) (64:28-34)

     The church will judge the nations (64:35-43)

65 Hearken and lo.... (65:1-6)

66 William E. McLellin - Go preach to the eastern Jews (and send your money to Zion) (66:1-7)

     Heal the sick, but don't commit adultery (which is something you tend to do) (66:8-13)

67 Try to write a commandment like Joseph Smith's (Or a Surah like Mohammad's) (67:1-14)

68 Anyone who is inspired speaks scripture (68:1-8)

     Disbelievers are damned (68:9-15)

     Literal descendants of Aaron are bishops (68:16-26)

     Baptize children when they're eight years old (68:27-35)

69 John Whitmer will go with Oliver Cowdery to Zion (69:1-8)

70 In your temporal things you shall be equal (70:1-18)

71 Confound your enemies (71:1-11)

72 Make Newel K. Whitney a bishop (72:1-26)

73 It's time to translate again (73:1-6)

74 The meaning of 1 Corinthians 7:14 (74:1-7)

75 William E. McLellin murmured, so I'm sending him to the south countries (75:1-12)

     A list of missionary pairs (75:13-19)

     On judgment day, you will condemn those who didn't receive you on your mission (75:20-29)

     Another list of missionary pairs (75:30-36)

76 His years never fail (76:1-10)

     We saw Jesus, angels, and Satan (76:11-31)

     Apostates will be tormented forever (76:32-49)

     Those who are in the resurrection of the just are gods (76:50-69)

     The celestial world (76:70)

     The terrestrial world (76:71-80)

     The telestiial world (76:81-119)

77 A revelation about Revelation (77:1-15)

78 You must be equal in earthly things (78:1-8)

    The council: Joseph Smith, Newel K. Whitney, and Sidney Rigdon (78:9-14)

    Adam-ondi-Ahman (78:15)

    God has established Michael's feet (78:16-19)

    Even the Son Ahaman (78:20-22)

79 Jared Carter should go to the eastern countries (79:1-4)

80 Stephen Burnett: Go preach to every creature on earth (80:1-5)

81 Behold, and lo: Jesus speaks to Frederick G. Williams (81:1-7)

82 You are all to be equal (To each according to his wants and needs) ( 82:1-24)

83 The church will provide for widows, orphans, and the poor (83:1-6)

84 The city of New Jerusalem will be built on the western border of Missouri (84:1-5)

    The priesthood of John the Bapist (who was ordained when he was 8 days old) (84:6-56)

    Believe in the Book of Mormon or be condemned (84:57-64)

    Signs of true believers (84:65-73)

    Unbelievers will be damned (84:74-80)

    Those who you preach to will give you clothes, food, and money (84:80-94)

    I'll send plagues on the cities that reject you (84:95-102)

    Send money to the Bishop of Zion or Ohio (84:103-111)

    Bishop Whitney should go to New York, Albany, and Boston (84:112-120)

85 One mighty and strong (85:1-12)

86 The parable of the tares (in reverse order) (86:1-11)

87 Civil war, world war, and the end of all nations (87:1-8)

88 The Holy Spirit is in the sun, moon, and stars (88:1-20)

    The three kingdoms: Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial (88:21-39)

    Wash your feet and hands (and don't laugh too much) ( 88:40-80)

    Let your hands be clean until the Lord comes ( 88:81-116)

    Don't laugh. I will come quickly (88:117-126)

    The school of the prophets (88:127-141)

89 Alcohol, hot drinks, and tobacco (are not for the body or the belly) ( 89:1-10)

    Health in their navel and marrow to their bones ( 89:11-21)

90 The keys of the kingdom (and the school of the prophets) (90:1-17)

    Find homes for Frederick G. Williams, Joseph Smth, Sen., and Sidney Rigdon (90:18-24)

    Have small families (90:25-27)

    Now about my handmaid Vienna Jaques (90:28-37)

91 Don't bother to translate the Apocrypha ( 91:1-6)

92 The United Order ( 92:1-2)

93 Verily, thus saith the Lord ( 93:1-31)

    Joseph Smith, Jun.—You have not kept the commandments ( 93:1-31)

94 God's construction plans (94:1-17)

95 The Great Commandment: Build my house (95:1-17)

96 Here is wisdom: This stake should be strong (96:1-9)

    More wisdom: John Johnson should become a member of the order (96:6-9)

97 I'm pleased with the school in Zion ( 97:1 - 9)

    Build me a house in Zion (pay for it with tithes) ( 97:10 - 21)

    The Lord's scourge will vex everyone (except Zion, if she obeys me) (  97:22 - 27)

98 The law of the land is constitutional ( 98:1-14)

    Renounce war and proclaim peace (or I'll kill every living thing on earth) (  98:15-18)

    Many members of he Kirtland church do detestable things ( 98:19-22)

    Forgive your enemies (for the first three times) ( 98:23-28)

    But if they attack you again, kill them all (after asking me for permission) ( 98:29-32)

    War and Peace ( 98:29-32)

99 John Murdock - Go preach in the eastern countries  (  99:1-8)

100 Sidney and Joseph: Say whatever you say in my name (100:1-17)

101 I'll own them on the day that I make up my jewels (101:1-42)

    The parable of the watchtower ( 101:43-62)

    Bury all the land you can in Jackson County, Missouri (101:63-77)

    I established the Constitution (101:77-80)

    The parable of the woman and the unjust judge (and God's strange act) (101:81-95)

    Sidney Gilbert - Don't sell my storehous (101:96-101)

102 The minutes of a general council ( 102:1-34)

103 Whoever you curse, I curse - and you will avenge my enemies for me. ( 103:1-40)

104 Deliver to Satan those who transgress against the united order ( 104:1-18)

    Real Estate laws in the land of Zion ( 104:19-46)

    The divided united order (104:47-59)

    The sacred treasury of the Lord ( 104:60-77)

    Write a letter to New York dictated by the my Spirit ( 104:78-86)

105 Let my army become very great ( 105:1-41)

106 Appoint Warren A. Cowdery as high priest over my church (even though he has a vain heart) (  106:1-8)

107 The two priesthoods ( 107:1-39)

    The priesthood from Adam to Noah ( 107:40-52)

    Jesus and Michael the Archangel (aka Adam) in the valley of  Adam-ondi-Ahman ( 107:53-57)

    The twelve, seventy, the other seventy, and seven times seventy ( 107:58-100)

108 Lyman, your sins are forgiven ( 108:1-8)

109  A house in Kirtland (109:1-80)

110 Jesus, Moses, Elias, and Elijah visit Kirtland  ( 110:1-16)

111 Jesus gives Salem, Massachusetts to the Mormons ( 111:1-11)

112 Gird up your loins, Thomas, and put on your shoes ( 112:1-34)

113 Ask me anything (113:1-10)

114 David W. Patton, you're going on a mission ( 114:1)

    Remove unfaithful bishops ( 114:2)

115 I'm naming my church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" ( 115:1-6)

    Build me a house in the holy city of Far West ( 115:7-19)

116 Adam-ondi-Ahman (116:1)

117 The mountains of Adam-ondi-Ahman, and the plains of Olaha Shinehah ( 117:1-16)

118 Replacing four or the Twelve who have been excommunicated  ( 118:1-6)

119 The law of tithing ( 119:1-7)

120 The money from tithes belongs to the church (120:1)

121 Not one will be left to stand by a wall (121:1-25)

    Is there one God or many gods? (121:26-46)

122 God will be with you [Joseph Smith] forever ( 122:1-9)

123 We shall call our Heavenly Father forth from his hiding place (123:1-19)

124 The Holy Ghost will write a proclamation to the President Elect of the United States and all the kings of the world ( 124:1-14)

    John C. Bennett will be great. I will crown him with blessings and glory ( 124:15-25)

    Baptism of the dead ( 124:26-40)

    Let Joseph Smith and his seed live in Nauvoo House forever  ( 124:41-61)

    Buy $50 to $15,000 stock in my house ( 124:62-82)

    Almon Babbitt set up a golden calf for my people to worship ( 124:83-86)

    William Law will heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils ( 124:87-122)

    I appoint Brigham Young to be president of the Twelve ( 124:123-145)

125 Build a new city in Iowa and call it Zarahemla (125:1-4)

126 Dear Brigham Young ( 126:1-3)

127 It's not safe for me here, so I'm leaving for a while (127:1-4)

    A few words about baptizing dead people (127:5-12)

128 More on baptizing dead people (128:1-25)

129 Is it an angel, a spirit, or the devil? Only a handshake will tell (129:1-9)

130 God lives on a great Urim and Thummim ( 130:1-8)

    The earth will become a crystal Urim and Thummim ( 130:9)

    Each person in the celestial kingdom will get a white stone that turns into a Urim and Thummim (with a secret name on it) ( 130:10-13)

    The Son of Man won't come before December 23, 1890 ( 130:14-21)

    The Father and the Son have bodies, but the Holy Ghost doesn't ( 130:22-23)

131 To get the highest glory, you must get married (131:11-4)

    We're living in a material world (131:5-8)

132 The polygamy revelation (       132:1-66)

134 I have trampled them in my fury (  134:1-74)

134 We believe in religious freedom but condemn sedition and rebellion ( 134:1-11)

    We do not believe it is right to interfere with a slave owner's right to own slaves ( 134:12)

135 The death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith (135:1-2)

    Joseph Smith did more for the salvation of men than any other man (except Jesus)  ( 135:3-7)

136 The Camp of Israel's westward journey ( 136:1-42)

137 I saw the celestial kingdom, but I couldn't tell if I was in the body or out of it ( 137:1-4)

    I saw Alvin Smith in the celestial kingdom ( 137:5-10)

138 The Son of God appears to a host of dead people ( 138:1-60)

999 The 1890 Manifesto [1] ()

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