0 Doctrine & Covenants : Politics

But if it be defiled I will not come into it, and my glory shall not be there. 97:17

Trivia: The Lord told the saints to buy as much land as they could in what county?

Doctrine & Covenants : Politics (26)

  1. All temporaal things shall be shared equally. 70:14
  2. You are all equal and have equal claims on the properties. Each man will receive what he wants and needs (if those needs are just). 82:17
  3. This is an everlasting command to you and your successors. 82:20
  4. Whoever disobeys this command will be given to Satan. 82:21
  5. This is wisdom: make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness. 82:22
  6. I, the Lord, give you the united order. Here's a revelation and commandment for you: Receive Frederick G. Williams into the united order. What I say to one I say to all. 92:1
  7. I, the Lord, give you the united order. Here's a revelation and commandment about Frederick G. Williams: Receive him into the order. What I say to one person, I say to everyone else. 92:1
  8. The law of the land is the constitutional. 98:5
  9. So befriend the constitutional law of the land. 98:6
  10. Whatever is more or less than this is evil. 98:7
  11. Renounce war and proclaim peace. Or I will smite the whole earth with a curse and everything livng thing will die. 98:16
  12. Buy everything you can in Jackson County, Missouri and the counties round about, leaving the rest in my hand. 101:71
  13. We'll do all this in accordance with the constitution. 101:77
  14. For this purpose, I established the Constitution. 101:80
  15. Let the Constitution be established forever. 109:54
  16. We believe that governments were instituted by God for the benefit of men. And that men should make laws and administer them for the good of society. 134:1
  17. We believe that governments should ensure that individuals are free, and have the right to protect their life and property. 134:2
  18. We believe that laws must be enforced equally, and that they should be upheld by the voice of the people, if a republic, or by a monarch. 134:3
  19. We do not believe that human law has a right to intefere with religion.  134:4
  20. We believe that the government should restrain crime, but never control conscience; it should punish guilt, but never suppress freedom. 134:4
  21. We believe that men should uphold their government, that sedition and rebellion should be punished, and that governments should enact laws for the public good, while protecting freedom of conscience. 134:5
  22. We believe that laws should be respected and obeyed. 134:6
  23. We believe that laws should be enacted to protect religious freedom, as long as such beliefs do  not justify sedition or conspiracy. 134:7
  24. We believe that crimes should be punished. 134:8
  25. We do not believe that religion should influence government,  or that one religion should be granted special privileges. 134:9
  26. We believe that men should appeal to the civil law to redress wrongs, but individuals also have the right to defend themselves and their property when such relief is unavailable. 134:11

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