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  1. The Lord is coming soon. 1:12
  2. I will reveal unto you the Priesthood, by the hand of Elijah. These words were supposedly spoken by Moroni to Joseph Smithin 1823. He was quoting from , which says nothing about the priesthood. 2:1
  3. The whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming. This misquote of seems to say that God won't destroy everyone on the great and dreadful day of the Lord. But that the day will come shortly after the priesthood is revealed. Well the priesthood was supposedly revealed, and nothing happened for 190+ years. 2:3
  4. John the Baptist who conferred the priesthood on Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery - under the direction of the apostles Peter, James, and John - on May 15, 1829.13:1
  5. Soon I [Jesus] will burn all the wicked people. 29:9
  6. Then I'll reveal myself and dwell on earth for a thousand years. 29:11
  7. After that, a trumpet will sound, the earth will quake, and dead bodies will come alive. 29:13
  8. But before any of that happens, the sun will darken, the moon will turn into blood, and stars will fall. 29:14
  9. And there'll be weeping and wailing. 29:15
  10. Great hailstorms that will destroy crops. 29:16
  11. God will take vengeance on the wicked. Then he'll send flies and maggots to eat their flesh. 29:17
  12. Their flesh will fall from their bones and their eyes from their sockets. Then the birds and beasts will eat them. 29:19
  13. And the great and abominable church, the whore of all the earth, will be burned. 29:21
  14. When the thousand years are over, and people begin to deny God, I'll spare the earth for a while. 29:22
  15. Then the end will come, heaven and earth will be destroyed, and there'll be a new heaven and earth. 29:23
  16. Before the earth is destroyed, Michael my archangel will blow his trumpet, and all the dead people will come forth. 29:26
  17. he righteous dead will be on my right side, and the wicked on my left. 29:27
  18. God will say, "Go you cursed people to burn forever in the fire." 29:28
  19. Those who don't believe will be damned. 29:44
  20. This is the last time I'm going to ask anyone to do that. 33:3
  21. Get ready for the coming of the bridegroom. Because I come quickly. Amen. 33:17
  22. I [Jesus] will soon be coming in a clould. 34:7
  23. But before I come, the sun will darken, the moon will turn into blood, the stars won't shine, and some of them will fall. And the wicked will be destroyed. 34:9
  24. If you are faithful, I'll be with you until I come. And I come quickly. Amen. 34:11
  25. Those without faith will drink the wine of the wrath of fornication. 35:11
  26. It's time for me [Jesus] to come. 35:15
  27. I [Jesus] come quickly. Amen. 35:27
  28. And you [James Covill] will preach my gospel in these last days. 39:11
  29. Go cry with a loud voice, saying: "The kigndom of heaven is here." 39:19
  30. The end is coming, but no one knows when it will come. 39:21
  31. I come quickly. Amen. 39:24
  32. I'll be your ruler when I come. And I come quickly. 41:4
  33. The great day is coming soon. 43:17
  34. On that day, heavens and earth wiill shake, and the trump of God will say: "Get up, you saints. Stay asleep you sinners until I come again." 43:18
  35. I'll come when I'm ready to come. 43:29
  36. The great millennium is coming. 43:30
  37. Satan will be bound, then he'll be loosed. But he'll only reign for a little while, and then the earth will be destroyed by fire. 43:31
  38. Before the day of the Lord comes, there will be smoke and fire. 45:41
  39. The sun will darken, the moon will turn to blood, and the stars will fall from heaven ... Then I'll come in the clouds with all my glory. 45:42
  40. Dead people will come to meet me in the cloud. 45:45
  41. The the Lord will put his foot on the mountain and split it two, and the heavens and earth will shake. 45:48
  42. Everyone will hear the Lord's voice. 45:49
  43. The Jews will look at my wounds and say, "What are thowe wounds in your hands and feet?" 45:51
  44. And I'll say to them, "I'm Jesus, the Son of God. These are the wounds of my crucifixion." 45:52
  45. Satan will be tied up. 45:55
  46. Then the parable about the ten virgins will be fulfilled. 45:56
  47. Soon there will be wars in your own lands. So go west. 45:63
  48. It'll be called the New Jerusalem. The glory and the terror of the Lord will be there. It'll be called Zion. 45:66
  49. It will be the only place on earth where people won't be fighting with each other. 45:69
  50. The wicked will say, "Let's don't fight against Zion. They are terrible." 45:70
  51. Some can can prophesy. 46:22
  52. The Son of Man will come soon to put feet on his enemies. But no one knows when he'll come. 49:6
  53. When the angel blows his trumpet the heavens and earth will shake and mountains will fall. 49:23
  54. But before that happens, Jacob will flourish and the Lamanites will blossom. 49:24
  55. And Zion will be built wherever I decide to put it. 49:25
  56. I'm Jesus and I come quickly. Amen. 49:28
  57. The day is coming when you'll see me and hear my voice. So get ready. Amen. 50:45
  58. I'm Jesus, who comes quickly (when your not expecting me). Amen. 51:20
  59. This is what God says to the elders in these last days. 52:1
  60. I [God] say to you, Sidney Gilbert, that I heard your prayers in these last days. 53:1
  61. This is what Jesus says: Newell Knight, Leave this land, and go to Missouri to the boundaries of the Lamanites. When you get there, get a job. And patiently wait for me to come again. It won't be long. I come quickly. Amen. 54:1
  62. It's dangerous out there on the water. And it'll be worse from now on. 61:4
  63. In the beginning I blessed the water, but now, in the last days, I (by John's mouth) curse the waters. 61:14
  64. Someday no one will be safe on the water. 61:15
  65. In the beginning I cursed the land, but in the last days I'll bless it. (So the saints can eat its fatness.) 61:17
  66. Gird up your loins, and look for the coming of the Son of Man. He'll come when your least expect it. 61:38
  67. Pray that you'll be ready when he comes, whether you're alive or dead. Amen. 61:39
  68. When the day of wrath comes, everyone will know that I'm God. 63:6
  69. It'll be hard for the saints to escape. But I'll come down from heaven and save them by burning the wicked with unquenchable fire. I'm not going to do this for a while though. I'll do it by and by. 63:34
  70. The Son of Man is coming soon. 63:53
  71. He'll come to the wise and foolish virgins. His angels will pluck out the wicked and cast them into unquenchable fire. 63:54
  72. This is a day of warning, not a day of many words. Don't mock me in these last days. 63:58
  73. After today cometh the burning - this is speaking after the manner of the Lord - for verily I say, tomorrow all the proud and they that do wickedly shall be as stubble; and I will burn them up, for I am the Lord of Hosts; and I will not spare any that remain in Babylon. 64:24
  74. I've made my church in these last days the judge of all nations. 64:37
  75. I come quickly. 68:35
  76. The earth will exist for a total of 7000 years. 77:6
  77. The things in this chapter will happen in the sixth thousand year period, when the sixth seal is opened. 77:10
  78. The trumpets in Rev 8 prepare and finish God's work, and mark the beginning of the 7000 years - preparing the way of his coming. 77:12
  79. The things in Rev 9 will happen after the seventh seal is opened, before Christ comes. 77:13
  80. The little book that John ate in Rev 10 was a mission to gather the tribes of Israel. It was also Elias, who must come to restore everything. 77:14
  81. The two witnesses in Rev 11 are two prophets that will appear in the last days. They'll prophesy to the Jews after they build the city of Jerusalem. 77:15
  82. The Lord's church is established in the last days. And it will gather on Mount Zion in the city of New Jerusalem. 84:2
  83. The city will be built at the temple lot, appointed by the Lord's finger, and dedicated by Joseph Smith, Jun., on the western boundary of the state of Missouri. It will be created in this generation. 84:3
  84. This generation will still be alive when a cloud will rest on the house, and the glory of the Lord will fill it. 84:5
  85. All the rest of you should do the same: Go preach everywhere telling everyone that they will be killed if they don't believe what you say. 84:117
  86. I will destroy their kingdoms and shake the earth and stars. 84:118
  87. You can't see it now, but in soon I'll come and you'll see it. Amen. 84:119
  88. Behold, I come quickly. 99:5
  89. My anger will soon be poured out on all nations. I"ll do it when the cup of their iniquity is full. 101:11
  90. Everyone on the watch-tower, or in other words, everyone in Israel will be saved. 101:12
  91. Everything else will melt and will become new. 101:25
  92. If the saints obey me, they will prevail until I defeat all of the kingdoms of the world and give the earth to them to possess forever. 103:7
  93. The Lord is coming soon. So gird your loins. 106:4
  94. The great and dreadful day of the Lord is near. 110:16
  95. I'll give you a lot of treasure from this city. 111:2
  96. So get to know the men who live here, since I'll soon be giving it to you. 111:3
  97. Someday I'll give the city to you, and you'll have power over it. They'll never discover your secret parts, and all its wealth, gold, and silver will be yours. 111:4
  98. Don't rebel against Joseph Smith. I'm with him, and he'll have my keys until I come. 112:15
  99. Vengeance will come soon to everyone on earth - a day of wrath, burning, weeping, mourning, and a whirlwind everywhere on earth. 112:24
  100. I come quickly. Amen. 112:34
  101. George Miller is without guile. He loves my testimony and I, the Lord, love him. Though the Lord loved George Miller, he was excommunicated from the LDS church on December 3, 1848.124:20
  102. William Law will heal the sick, cast out devils, and be immune to deadly poison. William Law disagreed with Joseph Smith on several political and economic issues, as well as polygamy. But their relationship was finally completely broken with Law found out about Joseph Smith's attempt to add Law's wife, Jane, to his growing number of wives. William and Jane law were excommunicated on April 20, 1844.124:98
  103. He'll also go places where poisonous serpents can't bite his heel, and his thoughts will be like eagles' wings. 124:99
  104. And he'll raise the dead. 124:100
  105. I prophesy that there will be difficulties and bloodshed before the Son of Man comes in South Carolina. 130:12
  106. It might probably be associated with the slavery question. A voice told me so on December 25, 1832. 130:13
  107. Once while I was praying, I asked when the Son of Man would come. A voice said to me: "If you live to be 85 years old, you'll see the face of the Son of Man. This should satisfy you. Don't bother me any more about this." 130:14
  108. I believe the Son of Man won't be coming any time before then. 130:17
  109. The Lamb will stand on Mount Zion with 144,000 people, with his Father's name written on their foreheads. 133:18
  110. He'll speak from Jerusalem, but everyone on earth will hear him. 133:21
  111. His voice will be like many waters, and the voice of thunder.  It will break mountains and fill valleys. 133:22
  112. The ocean will be driven back to the north countries, and the islands will merge to become one land. 133:23
  113. The earth will be like it was before it was divided. 133:24
  114. The prophets will break rocks and melt ice. 133:26
  115. There will be a highway over the ocean. 133:27
  116. The deserts will become less dry. 133:29
  117. The moon will not shine and the stars will be trhown. 133:49
  118. And he'll say: "I've troddent the wine-press alone." 133:50
  119. I've trample them in my fury. I've tread on them in my anger. I've sprinkle their blood on my garments. 133:51
  120. The graves of the saints shall be opened, and they'll sing the song of the Lamb. 133:56
  121. Someday the Lord will burn all the wicked people. 133:64
  122. I killed all the fish in the rivers and sea and made them stink. 133:68
  123. They will go into the outer darkness where there is weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. 133:73

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