Leviticus Topical Outline

Chapter 1: The Burnt Offering
Unblemmished male animal sacrifices 1:1-13
A dove or a pigeon 1:14-16
Chapter 2: The Meat Offering
Chapter 3: The Peace Offering
An unblemished bull or cow 3:1-5
An unblemished male or female sheep 3:6-11
A goat (blemished or unblemished, male or female) 3:12-17
Chapter 4: Sins Through Ignorance
For an individual: An unblemished bullock 4:1-12
For a congregation: A bullock (blemished or unblemished) 4:13-21
For a ruler: A young unblemished male goat 4:22-26
For a common person: A young unblemished female sheep or goat 4:27-35
Chapter 5: Unclean, Guilty, and Ignorant
Things that make you unclean and guilty 5:1-4
What to do if you are unclean and guilty 5:5-13
What to do if you sin through ignorance 5:14-19
Chapter 6
Lost and found 6:1-7
The law of the burnt offering 6:8-13
The law of the meat offering 6:14-18
Procedure for anointing priests 6:19-24
The law of the sin offering 6:25-30
Chapter 7
The law of the trespass offering 7:1-10
The law of the peace offering 7:11-21
What not to eat: fat, blood, roadkill 7:22-27
The wave offering 7:28-31
The heave offering 7:32-35
A statute forever 7:36-38
Chapter 8
Aaron and his sons become priests 8:1-36
Chapter 9: More Animal Sacrifices and the Glory of the Lord
More animal sacrifices 9:1-22
The Glory of the Lord appears and an animal sacrifice miracle 9:22-23
Chapter 10
God burns Aaron's sons to death 10:1-7
God's instructions to priests 10:8-11
Who should eat the meat offerings, wave breasts, heave shoulders, and sin offerings? 10:12-20
Chapter 11: The Law of Beasts - All Creatures Clean and Unclean
Beasts that you may eat 11:1-3
Unlcean beasts that you may not eat 11:4-12
Abominable birds (including the bat) 11:13-19
Flying creeping things that go on all four with legs above their feet 11:20-22
All other four-footed flying creeping things 11:23-47
Chapter 12
Purifying women after childbirth and circumcising boys 12:1-8
Chapter 13: The Law of Leprosy
The Law of Leprosy 13:1-28
Laws about yellow hair and itchy spots 13:29-37
The law of freckles 13:38-39
Laws about baldness 13:40-44
What to do with people with leprosy 13:45-46
The law of the plague of leprosy in a garment 13:47-59
Chapter 14: Leprosy
The Law of the Leper (for those who can afford it) 14:1-20
The Law of Leprosy (for those who can't afford the standard law) 14:21-32
House Leprosy 14:33-57
Chapter 15: Bodily Discharges
A man with a running issue out of his flesh 15:1-15
The seed of copulation 15:16-18
God's law for menstruating women 15:19-33
Chapter 16
God's warning to Aaron 16:1-2
Aaron's holy garments 16:3-6
The Scapegoat 16:7-28
The Day of Atonement: A statute forever 16:29-34
Chapter 17
Animal sacrifices 17:1-6
Sacrifices to devils 17:7-9
Eating blood 17:10-16
Chapter 18
God's sex laws 18:1-30
Chapter 19
Gods, sabbaths, and the shelf life of sacrifices 19:1-8
Some good rules (and a few contradictions) 19:9-18
Some silly rules (and a misogynistic one) 19:19-31
A few more good rules 19:32-37
Chapter 20
Molech, familiar spirits, and wizards 20:1-8
People who must be stoned (or burned) to death 20:9-16
People whose nakedness you shouldn't uncover 20:17-21
Do what God says (or he'll hate you) 20:22-26
Familiar spirits (again) 20:27
Chapter 21
God's rules for priests 21:1-24
Chapter 22
More rules for priests 22:1-33
Chapter 23
Feasts of the Lord 23:1-44
Chapter 24
God's special lamp 24:1-4
Twelve cakes for the Lord 24:5-9
God orders a blasphemer to be stoned to death 24:10-16
Miscellaneous laws. 24:17-22
The blasphemer is stoned to death 24:23
Chapter 25: Sabbath and Jubilee Years
The Sabbath year 25:1-7
The Jubilee year 25:8-55
Chapter 26: Rewards and Punishments
Rewards for obeying God 26:1-13
Punishments for disobeying God 26:14-39
How to avoid God's punishments 26:40-46
Chapter 27: Some Economic Matters
The value of human life 27:1-8
The value of animals 27:9-13
Holy houses 27:14-25
Devoted things 27:26-29
Tithes 27:30-34