The Book of Leviticus


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1 The burnt offering
2 The meat offering
3 The peace offering
4 Sins through ignorance
5 Unclean and guilty
Sins through ignorance
6 Lost and found
The burnt offering
The meat offering
How to anoint priests
The sin offering
7 The trespass offering
The peace offering
Don't eat fat, blood, or roadkill
The wave offering
The heave offering
A statute forever
8 Aaron and his sons become priests
9 More animal sacrifices
The glory of the Lord
10 God burns Aaron's sons to death
God's instructions to priests
11 All creatures clean and unclean
12 Purifying women and circumcising boys
13 The plague of leprosy
14 The law of the leper
House leprosy
15 A man with a running issue out of his flesh
The seed of copulation
God's law for menstruating women
16 God's warning to Aaron
Aaron's holy garments
The scapegoat
The day of atonement: A statute forever
17 Animal sacrifices
Sacrifices to devils
Eating blood
18 God's Sex Laws
19 Gods, sabbaths, and the shelf life of sacrifices
Some good rules (and a few contradictions)
Some silly rules (and a misogynistic one)
A few more good rules
20 Molech, familiar spirits, and wizards
People who must be stoned (or burned) to death
People whose nakedness you shouldn't uncover
Do what God says (or he'll hate you)
Familiar spirits (again)
21 God's rules for priests
22 More rules for priests
23 Feasts of the Lord
24 Twelve cakes for the Lord
God orders a blasphemer to be stoned to death
Miscellaneous laws
The blasphemer is stoned to death
24 The sabbath year
The jubilee year
26 Rewards for obeying God
Punishments for disobeying God
How to avoid God's punishments
27 The value of human life
The value of animals
Holy houses
Devoted things