Leviticus: Science and Nature

  1. The Bible says that hares and coneys are unclean because they "chew the cud" but do not part the hoof. But hares and coneys are not ruminants and they do not "chew the cud." 11:5-6
  2. Bats are birds to the biblical God. 11:13, 19
  3. Four-legged fowls are abominations. 11:20
  4. Be sure to watch out for those "other flying creeping things which have four feet." (I wish God wouldn't get so technical!) I guess he must mean four-legged insects. You'd think that since God made the insects, and so many of them (at least several million species), that he would know how many legs they have! 11:23
  5. The law of leprosy 13:1-28
  6. The Law of the Leper (for those who can afford it) 14:2-20
  7. The Law of Leprosy (for those who can't afford the standard law) 14:21-32