0 Acts Topical Outline

The angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go. 8:26

Trivia: Why did Paul shave his head?

The Acts of the Apostles

1 I'm writing to you again, Theophilus (1)

     Jesus goes to heaven in a cloud (2-11)

     Matthias replaces Judas (12-26)

2 The Holy Ghost comes (and makes believers speak in foreign languages) (1-13)

     Peter's speech (We're not drunk and you're a bunch of Christ killers) (14-35)

     3000 Jewish converts (37-42)

     The first communists (43-47)

3 Peter heals a lame man (1-10)

     Peter blames the Jews for the death of Jesus (11-26)

4 Peter and John vs. the Council (1-23)

     Peter and John's prayer (24-30)

     To each according to their need (31-37)

5 God kills Ananias and Sapphira (for not giving all their money to the apostles) (1-11)

     Peter's shadow heals everyone (even those vexed with evil spirits) (12-16)

     An angelic prison break (17-24)

     The apostles before the council (25-42)

6 Seven men are assigned to serve tables (1-7)

     Stephen is accused of blasphemy (and his face looks like an angel's) (8-15)

7 Stephen's long, boring (and irrelevant) response (1-)

     Stephen is stoned (54-60)

8 Saul persecutes the church (1-4)

     Samaritans and Simony (5-25)

     Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (26-40)

9 The conversion of Saul (1-7)

     Saul in Damascus (8-25)

     Saul in Jerusalem (26-31)

     Peter heals Aeneas (32-35)

     Peter raises Tabitha from the dead (36-42)

10 The angel's message to Cornelius (1-8)

     Peter's dream (kill and eat) (9-16)

     Peter's speech (and the Gentiles speak in tongues) (17-48)

11 Peter repeats his "kill and eat" dream (1-18)

     The Christians in Antioch (19-30)

12 Peter is imprisoned (to please the Jews) (1-5)

     Peter is rescued by an angel (6-19)

     Herod is eaten by worms (for not giving God the glory) (20-25)

13 The Holy Ghost selects Barnabas and Saul (1-3)

     Elymas is blinded by Paul and God (3-12)

     Paul speaks in the Antioch synagogue (13-52)

14 Paul and Barnabas in Iconium (1-7)

     Paul heals a crippled man (8-10)

     The people think Paul is Mercury (and Barnabas is Jupiter) (11-17)

     The people stone Paul (but he somehow survives) (18-20)

     Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch (21-28)

15 The Council of Jerusalem (1-21)

     The letter about circumcision was read to the Gentiles (and there was much rejoicing) (22-35)

     Paul and Barnabas split up (36-41)

16 Paul circumcises Timothy (he was worried about what the Jews would think) (1-5)

     The Holy Ghost won't let Paul preach in Asia (or Bithynia) (6-8)

     Paul's vision of a man from Macedonia (9-10)

     The conversion of Lydia (11-15)

     Paul expels a soothsaying spirit of divination (16-18)

     Paul and Silas are put in jail (19-24)

     Another miraculous jailbreak (25-27)

     The jailor and his family are baptised (27-40)

17 Paul in Thessalonica and Berea (1-15)

     Paul's speech on Mars Hill (16-34)

18 Paul in Corinth (1-8)

     Jesus visits Paul (in a vision) (9-10)

     Paul shaves his head (11-28)

19 Paul re-baptizes twelve disciples in Ephesus (and they spoke in tongues) (1-10)

     Miraculous handkerchiefs and aprons (11-12)

     Jewish exorcists try to cast out evil spirits (in Jesus's name) (13-16)

     The first book burning (19-20)

     Diana is the great goddess of the Ephesians! (21-41)

20 Paul travels through Macedonia and Greece (1-6)

     Paul bores Eutychus to death (and then brings him back to life) (7-12)

     Paul's speech to the Ephesian elders (13-38)

21 The Holy Ghost's girdle message (on Paul's way to Jerusalem) (1-16)

     Four heads are shaved (to cover up Paul's teaching) (17-26)

     Paul is arrested (by the Jews who try to kill him) (27-40)

22 Paul's speech in Jerusalem (1-23)

     Paul is whipped by the Romans (and released because he's a Roman citizen) (24-)

23 Paul is tried by the council (and claims to be a Pharisee) (1-10)

     Jesus visits Paul (and says, "Be happy") (11)

     A Jewish conspiracy against Paul (and the first hunger strike) (12-35)

24 Paul's trial before Felix (1-27)

25 Paul demands to be tried in Rome (1-27)

26 Paul's trial before Agrippa (1-32)

27 Paul sails for Rome (1-12)

     A storm at sea (13-38)

     The shipwreck (39-44)

28 On the island of Malta (1-10)

     From Malta to Rome (11-15)

     Paul in Rome (16-31)

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