0 Acts : Injustice

Acts : Injustice (14)

  1. Peter blames the Jews for the death of Jesus. 3:14-15
  2. Peter claims that Dt 18:18-19 refers to Jesus, saying that those who refuse to follow him (all non-Christians) must be killed. 3:23
  3. God will torture forever those who don't know the password to heaven. 4:12
  4. Peter and God scare Ananias and his wife to death for not forking over all of the money that they made when selling their land. 5:1-10
  5. Once again, Peter accuses the Jews of murdering Jesus. 5:30
  6. Stephen blames the Jews for persecuting the prophets and murdering Jesus. 7:51-52
  7. Jesus blinds Saul. 9:8
  8. The Jews are again blamed for the death of Jesus. 10:39
  9. The "angel of the Lord" killed Herod by having him "eaten of worms" because "he gave not God the glory." 12:23
  10. Paul and the Holy Ghost conspire together to make Elymas (the sorcerer) blind. 13:8-11
  11. The author of Acts brags about God destroying "seven nations of the land of Canaan." 13:19
  12. God chooses those who will believe [the right things], and only they will go to heaven. 13:48
  13. If you "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ," then you and your whole family will be saved; otherwise, God will send you all to hell. 16:30-31
  14. "And when they [the Jews of Corinth] opposed themselves, and blasphemed, he [Paul] shook his raiment, and said unto them, Your blood be upon your own heads." (Have a nice day?) 18:6

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