The Book of Ezekiel


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1 Ezekiel's UFO
The appearance of God's loins
2 God chooses Ezekiel
3 Eat this scroll
A forehead harder than flint
The noise of the wheels
God's killing rules
House arrest
4 Draw Jerusalem on a tile
Lie on your side for 430 days
Bake some bread with human dung
5 Ezekiel's haircut
Fathers will eat their sons, and vice versa
6 God threatens the mountains
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
7 I won't pity you, and you'll know I'm God
8 The appearance of God's loins
Special delivery
9 A man in linen kills everyone in Jerusalem
10 Oh wheel!
11 These are the men that devise mischief
God kills Pelatiah
The spirit carries Ezekiel to Babylon
12 Bring out your stuff
Shake when your eat and drink
It's no longer a proverb
13 I will break down the wall
Behold, I am against your pillows
14 Idols in their heart
I the LORD have deceived that prophet
I'd only save Noah, Daniel, and Job
15 I'll burn to death the inhabitants of Jerusalem
16 Baby Jerusalem
God marries Jerusalem
Jerusalem becomes a whore
God has Jerusalem stoned to death
Jerusalem's sisters: Sodom and Samaria
17 God's riddle: An eagle came to Lebanon....
18 Sour grapes
19 A lion's lamentation
20 Polluted before the heathen
I gave them laws that were not good
I will start a fire
21 My sword is against all flesh
22 I'll consume the filthiness out of you
There's a conspiracy of prophets
23 God's wives: A tale of two sisters
The older sister, Aholah
The younger sister, Aholibah
They'll cut off your nose and ears, and you'll pluck off your own breasts
I'll have righteous men stone them to death
24 The scum-filled pot
God kills Ezekiel's wife
25 Against the Ammonites
Against Moab and Edom
Against the Philistines
26 Against Tyrus
27 God's Tyrus song
28 God threatens Tyrus
Another Tyrus song
Against Zidon
29 Against Egypt
I'll give Egypt to Nebuchadrezzar
30 I'll set a fire in Egypt
I'll break Pharaoh's arms
31 A tree grows in Lebanon
32 I'll water the land with your blood
Terror in the land of the living
33 And yet people say I'm not fair
I'll kill you all
34 Woe to the shepherds
35 Against Mount Seir
36 A message from God to the mountains of Israel
I'm not doing this for your sakes
37 Dry bones
Two sticks
38 I'm against you, Gog
A great shaking
39 Eat flesh and drink blood
40 The brass man's measurements
41 More measurements
42 Even more measurements
43 The law of the house
Altar measurements
God instructions for burnt offerings
44 Shut the gate
No uncircumcised hearts
Rules for priests
45 God's holy portion
Some good rules
God's measuring system
Animal sacrifices
46 More animal sacrifices
Boiling places
47 Wade in the water
God divides the land
48 God finishes dividing the land