First Corinthians


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1 Greetings and salutations!
Believe the same things (agree on everything)
Thank God I didn't baptize any of you
God will destroy the wisdom of the wise
2 Know nothing but Jesus
Judge everything (but be judged by no one)
3 Aren't you carnal?
Save yourself by burning your work
Become wise by being a fool
4 Don't judge
Be a fool (for Christ's sake)
Follow Paul
5 I hear there are fornicators among you (one of you is having sex with his stepmother)
Give him to Satan (to save his soul)
Shun fornicators (and other wicked people)
6 Christians will judge angels (Don't take a fellow believer to court)
People not allowed in God's kingdom (effeminate men and homosexuals are among them)
Everything is lawful to Paul
Fornication (Making the members of Christ one with a harlot)
7 On marriage (it's better than burning)
On divorcing an unbelieving spouse
On circumcision (don't get uncircumcised)
On slavery (If you are a slave, stay a slave)
On virgins, marriage, and the end of the world (The end is coming. There's no time for sex)
8 On eating meat (sacrificed to idols)
9 I've seen Jesus
God doesn't care about oxen
I am a Jew or a Gentile (depending on who I'm with)
10 Some of God's greatest killings
The body and blood of Jesus (He that sups with the devil must have a long spoon)
Don't ask, don't tell (when it comes to food)
11 Follow and obey me
Women, heads, head coverings, and long hair
The Lord's supper (do your eating and drinking at home)
12 Covet the best gifts
13 Love is the most important thing
To be read at all weddings
Put away childless things
14 Speaking in tongues (I'm glad I do it more than any of you)
Don't let your women talk in church (let them ask their husbands at home)
15 The resurrection of Christ
Why do we baptize dead people?
Not all of us will die (but we'll all be changed)
16 Greet everyone with a holy kiss (and let anyone who doesn't love Jesus be anathema)