0 1 Corinthians : Prophecy and Misquotes

If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool. 3:18

Trivia: According to 1 Corinthians 16:22, what should be done with those who don't love Jesus?

1 Corinthians : Prophecy and Misquotes (5)

  1. Paul tells the Corinthians to be good until "the day of our Lord Jesus Christ." (He expected Jesus to return within their lifetimes.) 1:7-8
  2. Paul, like Jesus and the other New Testament writers, expects the end to come soon. "The time is short." So there's no time for sex or marriage, since the world will be ending soon. 7:29
  3. "Whether there be prophecies, they shall fail."
    Paul prophesies that all prophecies will fail. But since this itself is a prophecy, it also will fail (if the prophecy is correct), making it a false prophecy. 13:8
  4. These verses claim that the scriptures prophesied that Jesus would suffer, die, and be resurrected from the dead. But where are the prophecies that are referred to here? Hosea 6:2 perhaps? But this verse refers to the people living at the time (hence "us") and therefore cannot be fulfilled by the death and resurrection of Jesus. 15:3-4
  5. Paul says that the end of the world will come during his lifetime. 10:11, 15:51

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