0 Luke Topical Outline

The lord of that servant ... will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers. 12:46

Trivia: When did Pilate and Herod become friends?

The Gospel According to Luke

1 A letter to Theophilus (1-4)

    An angel announces John the Baptist's birth (5-17)

    God strikes Zechariah dumb (for doubting the angel) (18-25)

    Gabriel announces Jesus's birth (26-38)

    Mary visits Elisabeth (39-45)

    The Magnificat (46-55)

    Let's call him John (56-66)

    Zechariah's prayer (67-80)

2 The birth of Jesus (1-7)

    The shepherds (That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown) (8-20)

    The Circumcision (The Holy Prepuce) (21)

    The Presentation (22-24)

    The Canticle of Simeon (The Nunc Dimittis) (25-35)

    An old woman named Anna (36-38)

    Jesus's childhood in Galilee (39-40)

    His father's business (41-52)

3 John the Baptist (1-18)

     The imprisonment of John the Baptist (19-20)

     The baptism of Jesus (21-22)

     The genealogy of Jesus Joseph (23-38)

4 Jesus is tempted by the devil (1-13)

     Jesus is rejected in his hometown (they try to throw him off a cliff) (14-30)

     A man with an unclean devil (31-37)

     Simon's mother-in-law (38-39)

     Jesus heals the sick (and tells the devils not to tell anyone who he is) (40-44)

5 Jesus, the master fisherman (he nearly sinks Simon's boats by catching so many fish) (1-9)

     Jesus calls his first disciples (10-11)

     Jesus cleans a leper (12-16)

     A man with palsy (17-26)

     The call of Levi (27-28)

     Why Jesus and his disciples didn't fast (29-39)

6 The disciples pluck grain on the sabbath (1-5)

    A man with a withered hand (6-11)

    The twelve apostles (12-16)

    Jesus heals those with unclean spirits (17-19)

    The beatitudes (20-23)

    Woe to the rich and well-respected (24-26)

    Love your enemies (27-28)

    Turn the other cheek (29)

    Give to anyone who asks (30)

    The golden rule (31-35)

    Be merciful, don't judge (36-42)

    Good and bad trees (43-46)

    Obey Jesus (build your house on a rock) (47-49)

7 The centurion's servant (1-10)

     The widow's son (11-17)

     John the Baptist: Should we look for another? (18-23 Mt 11)

     John the Baptist is the greatest prophet (24-35)

     Simon the Pharisee (36-50)

8 Mary Magdalene (and her seven devils) (1-3)

     The parable of the sower (4-8)

     The purpose of the parables (to confuse people) (9-10)

     Jesus explains the parable of the sower (11-15)

     Candles, secrets, haves, and have nots (16-18)

     Jesus: Who is my mother? (19-21)

     Jesus calms a storm (22-25)

     Jesus casts out more devils (and drowns some pigs) (26-39)

     Jairus's daughter and a woman with an issue of blood (40-56)

9 The mission of the apostles (1-6)

     Herod: Is Jesus the risen John the Baptist? (7-9)

     Jesus feeds five thousand men (10-17)

     Jesus: Who am I? (Don't tell anyone) (18-21)

     Jesus foretells his death and resurrection (22-26)

     Some of Jesus's listeners won't die until they see the kingdom of God (22-27)

     The Transfiguration (28-36)

     Jesus heals a boy possessed by the devil (37-42)

     Jesus foretells his death (again) (43-45)

     Who's the greatest? (46-48)

     Who's for Jesus? (49-50)

     Should we burn them like Elijah did? (51-56)

     Let the dead bury their dead (to hell with family values) (57-62)

10 The mission of the seventy (1-8)

    Jesus condemns entire cities (It'll be a hell worse than Sodom) (9-17)

    The return of the seventy (Even the devils obey us!) (17-20)

    Jesus: Thanks Father for hiding things from the wise (and revealing them to babies) (21-24)

    The good Samaritan (25-37)

    Martha and Mary (38-42)

11 The Our Father (or The Lord's Prayer) (1-4 For the Lord's Prayer see Mt 6)

     Just ask God (and he'll give it to you) (5-13)

     Jesus and Beelzebub (14-23)

     The return of the unclean spirit (24-26)

     Jesus: Don't call my mother blessed (27-28)

     This is an evil generation (for seeking a sign) (29-32)

9 When your eye is evil (33-36)

11 Jesus doesn't wash his hands before eating (and then calls people names for noticing) (37-41)

     Woe to scribes and Pharisees! (42-54)

12 The yeast of the Pharisees (and there will be no secrets) (1-3)

     Whom you should fear (the one who can send you to hell) (4-7)

     If you deny Jesus, he'll deny you (fair is fair) (8-9)

     The unforgivable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Ghost) (10)

     The Holy Ghost will tell you what to say (11-15)

     The death of a rich man (16-21)

     Don't worry about food, health, or clothes (22-34)

     Treasures in heaven (33-34)

     The Son of man will come when you least expect it (and he'll cut you into little pieces) (35-48)

     Jesus came to divide families (not to bring peace on earth) (49-57)

     Jesus's forecast: rain, heat, and the end of the world (54-55)

     Some legal advice (58-59)

13 Repent or be killed (1-5)

     The figless fig tree (6-9)

     Jesus heals a woman on the sabbath (10-17)

     A mustard tree (18-19)

     Heaven is like yeast (20-21)

     Most people go to hell (where there'll be weeping and gnashing of teeth) (22-30)

     Jesus: On the third day I'll be perfected (31-35)

14 Jesus heals a man on the sabbath day (1-6)

     Don't take the best seat (and other social advice) (7-14)

     The great supper (15-24)

     Jesus: Hate your family and your life (if you want to be my disciple) (25-33)

     Salt is good (34-45)

15 The lost sheep (1- Mt 18)

     The lost coin (8-10)

     The prodigal son (11-32)

16 The wise, dishonest steward (Make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness) (1-12)

     God and mammon (13-15 Mt 6)

     Whatever people value is an abomination to God (14-15)

     The law and the prophets (were until John the Baptist) (16-17)

     Divorce (18)

     The rich man and Lazarus (19-31)

17 It's better to drown than offend (1-2)

    What to do with someone who trespasses against you (3-4 Mt 18)

    A little faith can move big trees (5-6)

    Don't pamper your slaves (7-10)

    Ten lepers (nine ungrateful ones) (11-19)

    The end of the world (Remember Lot's wife) (20-37)

18 The avenging, lazy, unjust judge (1-8)

    The Pharisee and the publican (9-14)

    Little children (15-17)

    The rich young man (18-27)

    Abandon your family for Jesus (and you'll get much more and live forever) (28-30)

    Jesus foretells his death (for the third time) (31-34)

    One blind man (35-43)

19 Zacchaeus and the sycamore tree (1-10)

    The cruel, unjust, psycho king (11-27)

    Jesus rides into Jerusalem (28-44)

    Jesus's temple tantrum (45-48)

20 Jesus stumps the chief priests and elders (1-8)

    A parable about a vineyard (9-20)

    Pay your taxes (keep state and church separate) (21-26)

    There are no marriages in heaven (27-40)

    Jesus is not the son of David (41-44)

    Beware of scribes (they'll get the worst damnation) (45-47)

21 The widow's mite (1-4)

     The end of the world (again) (5-38)

22 Judas betrays Jesus (1-6)

     The Last Supper (7-30)

     Peter's promise (and Jesus's prediction) (31-)

     Jesus: Sell your clothes to buy a sword (35-38)

     Jesus prays on the mount of Olives (while the disciples sleep) (39-46)

     Jesus is arrested (47-53)

     Jesus is taken to the high priest (54)

     Peter denies Jesus three times (before the cock crowed once) (55-62)

     Jesus is questioned by the council (63-71)

23 Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate (1)

     Jesus is questioned by Pilate (2-7)

     Jesus is taken to Herod (8-12)

     Pilate tries to release Jesus (13-17)

     The people prefer Barabbas to Jesus (18-25)

     Jesus is crucified (26-43)

     Jesus dies (44-49)

     The burial of Jesus (50-56)

24 Jesus rises from the dead (1-12)

    The road to Emmaus (13-32)

    Jesus appears (and eats fish and honey) (33-49)

    Jesus goes to heaven (50-53)

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