Luke Trivia:

The Gospel According to Luke


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1 A letter to Theophilus
An angel announces John the Baptist's birth
God strikes Zechariah dumb (for doubting the angel)
Gabriel announces Jesus's birth
Mary visits Elizabeth
The Magnificat
Let's call him John
Zechariah's prayer
2 The birth of Jesus
The shepherds (That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown)
The Circumcision
The Presentation
The Canticle of Simeon (The Nunc Dimittis)
An old woman named Anna
His father's business
3 John the Baptist
The imprisonment of John the Baptist
The baptism of Jesus
The genealogy of Jesus Joseph
4 Jesus is tempted by the devil
Jesus is rejected in his hometown (they try to throw him off a cliff)
A man with an unclean devil
Simon's mother-in-law
Jesus heals the sick (and tells the devils not to tell anyone who he is)
5 Jesus, the master fisherman (he nearly sinks Simon's boats by catching so many fish)
Jesus calls his first disciples
Jesus cleans a leper
A man with palsy
The call of Levi
Why Jesus and his disciples didn't fast
6 The disciples pluck grain on the sabbath
A man with a withered hand
The twelve apostles
Jesus healed those with unclean spirits
The beatitudes
Woe to the rich and well-respected
Love your enemies
Turn the other cheek
Give to anyone who asks
The golden rule
Be merciful, don't judge
Good and bad trees
Obey Jesus (build your house on a rock)
7 The centurion's servant
The widow's son
John the Baptist: Should we look for another?
John the Baptist is the greatest prophet
Simon the Pharisee
8 Mary Magdalene (and her seven devils)
The parable of the sower
The purpose of the parables (to confuse people)
Jesus explains the parable of the sower
Candles, secrets, haves, and have nots
Jesus: Who is my mother?
Jesus calms a storm
Jesus casts out more devils (and drowns some pigs)
Jarius's daughter and a woman with an issue of blood
9 The mission of the apostles
Herod: Is Jesus the risen John the Baptist?
Jesus feeds five thousand men
Jesus: Who am I? (Don't tell anyone)
Jesus fortells his death and resurrection
Some of Jesus's listeners won't die until they see the kingdom of God
The Transfiguration
Jesus heals a boy possessed by the devil
Jesus fortells his death (again)
Who's the greatest?
Who's for Jesus?
Should we burn them like Elijah did?
Let the dead bury their dead (to hell with family values)
10 The mission of the seventy
Jesus condemns entire cities (It'll be a hell worse than Sodom)
The return of the seventy (Even the devils obey us!)
Jesus: Thanks Father for hiding things from the wise (and revealing them to babies)
The good Samaritan
Martha and Mary
11 The Our Father (or The Lord's Prayer)
Just ask God (and he'll give it to you)
Jesus and Beelzebub
The return of the unclean spirit
Jesus: Don't call my mother blessed
This is an evil generation (for seeking a sign)
When your eye is evil
Jesus doesn't wash his hands before eating (then calls people names for wondering why)
Woe to scribes and Pharisees!
12 The yeast of the Pharisees
(and there will be no secrets)
Whom you should fear (the one who can send you to hell)
If you deny Jesus, he'll deny you (fair is fair)
The unforgivable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Ghost)
The Holy Ghost will tell you what to say
The death of a rich man
Don't worry about food, health, or clothes
Treasures in heaven
The Son of man will come when you least expect it (and he'll cut you into little pieces)
Jesus came to divide families (not to bring peace on earth)
Jesus's forecast: rain, heat, and the end of the world
Some legal advice
13 Repent or be killed
The figless fig tree
Jesus heals a woman on the sabbath
A mustard tree
Heaven is like yeast
Weeping and gnashing of teeth
Jesus: On the third day I'll be perfected
14 Jesus heals a man on the sabbath day
Don't take the best seat (and other social advice)
The great supper
Jesus: Hate your family and your life (if you want to be my disciple)
Salt is good
15 The lost sheep
The lost coin
The prodigal son
16 The wise, dishonest steward (Make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness)
God and mammon
Whatever people value is an abomination to God
The law and the prophets (were until John the Baptist)
The rich man and Lazarus
17 It's better to drown than offend
What to do with someone who trespasses against you
A little faith can move big trees
Don't pamper your slaves
Ten lepers (nine ungrateful ones)
The end of the world (Remember Lot's wife)
18 The avenging, lazy, unjust judge
The Pharisee and the publican
Little children
The rich young man
Abandon your family for Jesus (and you'll get much more and live forever)
Jesus fortells his death (for the third time)
One blind man
19 Zachaeus and the sycamore tree
The cruel, unjust, psycho king
Jesus rides into Jerusalem
Jesus's temple tantrum
20 Jesus stumps the chief priests and elders
A parable about a vineyard
Pay your taxes (keep state and church separate)
There are no marriages in heaven
Jesus is not the son of David
Beware of scribes (they'll get the worst damnation)
21 The widow's mite
The end of the world (again)
22 Judas betrays Jesus
The Last Supper
Peter's promise (and Jesus's prediction)
Jesus: Sell your clothes to buy a sword
Jesus prays on the mount of Olives (while the disciples sleep)
Jesus is arrested
Jesus is taken to the high priest
Peter denies Jesus three times (before the cock crowed once)
Jesus is questioned by the council
23 Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate
Jesus is questioned by Pilate
Jesus is taken to Herod
Pilate tries to release Jesus
The people prefer Barabbas to Jesus
Jesus is crucified
Jesus dies
The burial of Jesus
24 Jesus rises from the dead
The road to Emmaus
Jesus appears (and eats fish and honey)
Jesus goes to heaven