Exodus: Commandments - Every Jot and Tittle

  1. The month of Nisan shall the be first month of the year. 12:2
  2. On the tenth day of Nisan, find an unblemished lamb and kill it on the evening of the 14th day. 12:3-6
  3. The fourteenth day of the month of Nissan shall forever be a memorial and feast. 12:3-14
  4. After killing the lamb, smear some of its blood on the sides and top of your door post. 12:7
  5. Roast the lamb and eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. 12:8
  6. Don't eat the lamb raw or sodden with water. 12:9a
  7. Eat all of it. 12:9b
  8. Don't leave any until the morning. 12:10a, 34:25
  9. Burn the leftovers. 12:10b
  10. Eat it fast, with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand. 12:11
  11. The fourteenth day of Nisan shall forever be a memorial and feast. 12:14
  12. Eat unleavened bread for seven days. 12:15a, 13:6-7, 23:15
  13. Cut off anyone who eats leavened bread during the feast of unleavened bread. 12:15, 19
  14. During the feast of unleavened bread, remove all yeast from every house. 12:15b, 19; 13:7
  15. Don't work on the first day of the feast of unleavened bread. 12:16a
  16. Don't work on the seventh day of the feast of unleavened bread. 12:16b
  17. Observe the feast of unleavened bread. 12:17
  18. Eat unleavened bread from the evening of the 14th until the evening of the 21st day of Nisan. 12:18
  19. When your children ask what is the meaning of Passover, tell them about how God killed the Egyptian children. 12:26-27
  20. Strangers shall not eat the Passover meal. 12:43
  21. Let your circumcised slaves eat the Passover meal. 12:43-44
  22. Foreigners shall not eat the Passover meal. 12:43-45
  23. Hired servants shall not eat the Passover meal. 12:43-45
  24. No uncircumcised person shall eat the Passover meal. 12:43-48
  25. Eat the Passover meal in one house. 12:46a
  26. Don't break any of the the Passover lamb's bones. 12:46b
  27. Circumcised strangers must keep the Passover. 12:48
  28. Circumcised strangers shall be treated as though they were natives. 12:48
  29. The law applies to both strangers and homeborn residents. 12:49
  30. Give your firstborn son to God. 13:2a, 22:29
  31. Sanctify all of your firstborn animals. 13:2b, 13:12
  32. On the Passover, show your son what God did to you when you left Egypt. 13:8
  33. Wear the commandments on your hand. 13:9a, 16a
  34. Wear the commandments between your eyes. 13:9b, 16b
  35. Every firstborn donkey shall be redeemed by sacrificing a lamb. 13:13a, 34:20a
  36. If a firstborn donkey is not redeemed, break its neck. 13:13b, 34:20b
  37. When your son asks you why your are sacrificing lambs and breaking donkeys' necks, tell him that you are doing it because God killed all the Egyptian firstborn children and animals. 13:14-15
  38. Don't leave your house during the Sabbath. 16:29
  39. Have no other gods before Yahweh. 20:3
  40. Don't make any graven images. 20:4a
  41. Don't make an artistic representation of anything. 20:4b
  42. Don't bow down to other gods. 20:5a, 23:24
  43. Don't serve other gods. 20:5b
  44. Don't take God's name in vain. 20:7
  45. Keep the Sabbath day holy. 20:8, 31:13-16, 34:21
  46. Don't work on the Sabbath. 20:9-10, 23:12, 34:21
  47. Honor your father and mother. 20:12
  48. Don't kill. 20:13
  49. Don't commit adultery. 20:14
  50. Don't steal. 20:15
  51. Don't lie. 20:16, 23:1
  52. Don't covet your neighbor's wife. 20:17a
  53. Don't covet your neighbor's house, slave, ox, ass, etc. 20:17b
  54. Don't make gods of silver or gold. 20:23
  55. Make a dirt altar for God and sacrifice animals on it. 20:24
  56. If you make God stone altars, use natural, uncut stones. 20:25
  57. Don't go up steps to the altar. 20:26
  58. If you buy a Hebrew slave, set him free after six years of slavery. 21:2
  59. If he was married when you bought him, set the slave and his wife free after six years of slavery. 21:3
  60. If you gave him a wife and they had children, keep your slave's wife and children and let him go free. 21:4
  61. If he refuses to leave his wife and children, bore a hole in his ear and he shall serve you forever. 21:5-6
  62. If you sell your daughter, she shall not be freed after six years (as are male Hebrew slaves). 21:7
  63. If your daughter fails to please her master, she shall be redeemed. 21:8
  64. If the man who bought your daughter gives her to his son, the man who bought her shall treat her as his own daughter. 21:9
  65. If a man takes another wife, he must continue to feed, clothe, and have sex with his first wife. 21:10
  66. If, after taking a second wife, a man fails to feed, clothe, and have sex with his first wife, he must set her free. 21:11
  67. Kill whoever kills another person. 21:12, 14
  68. Kill children who strike their parents. 21:15
  69. Kill anyone who steals someone with the intention of selling that person as a slave. 21:16
  70. Kill children who curse their parents. 21:17
  71. If two men fight and one is injured, the man who caused the injury shall pay for the injured man's lost time. 21:18-19
  72. A slave owner who beats his slave to death shall be punished. 21:20
  73. A slave owner shall not be punished for beating his slave if the slave lives for a day or two, for the slave is the slave owner's money. 21:20-21
  74. If a man causes the death of a fetus, he shall pay the woman's husband whatever the judges decide. 21:22
  75. But if the woman is injured, the man who caused her injury shall be injured in the same way. 21:23-25
  76. If you damage another person, you will be damaged in the same way. Exodus 21:23-25
  77. If a man hits his slave and causes the slave to lose sight in one eye, he shall set the slave free. 21:26
  78. If a man hits his slave and causes the slave to lose a tooth, he shall set the slave free. 21:27
  79. If an ox gores someone to death, the ox shall be stoned. 21:28a
  80. Don't eat the flesh of a stoned ox. 21:28a
  81. If an ox has a reputation for goring people and its owner did nothing to restrain it, the ox shall be stoned and its owner shall be executed. 21:29
  82. If the victim's family would rather have money, then the owner of the ox must pay them whatever they demand. 21:30
  83. If an ox kills a slave, the owner of the ox shall give the owner of the dead slave thirty shekels of silver. 21:32a
  84. If an ox kills a slave, stone it to death. 21:32
  85. If a man has an open pit into which an ox or ass falls, the owner of the pit must pay the owner of the animal whatever it was worth, but the owner of the pit gets to keep the dead animal. 21:33-34
  86. If one man's ox kills another man's ox, then the live ox shall be sold with the money and dead ox split between them. 21:35
  87. If an ox is known to be an ox killer and its owner did nothing to restrain it, then the owner of the killer ox must pay the owner of the dead ox. But the owner of the killer ox gets to keep the dead ox. 21:36
  88. A person who steals and kills an ox or a sheep shall pay the owner five oxen for each stolen ox, and four sheep for each stolen sheep. 22:1
  89. If a thief is caught breaking into a house while it is dark and is killed in the process, the person who killed him shall not be executed. 22:2
  90. If a thief is caught and is too poor to make full restitution, he shall be sold to pay for his theft. 22:2-3
  91. If a thief is caught breaking into a house during the daytime and is killed in the process, the person who killed the thief shall be executed for murder. 22:3
  92. If a thief steals an ox or an ass, and the stolen animal is found alive, the thief must pay twice the value of the stolen animal. 22:4
  93. If your animal eats from someone else's field or vineyard, you must repay the owner with the best of your grain or grapes. 22:5
  94. If you start a fire that burns someone else's grain, you shall restore what was burned. 22:6
  95. If you leave your stuff with your neighbor to watch, and it is stolen from your neighbor's house, then the thief shall pay double (if the thief is found). 22:7
  96. If the thief is not found, your neighbor shall be brought before the judges to see if he stole your stuff. 22:8
  97. Whoever is guilty of theft shall repay the victim twice the worth of the stolen goods. 22:9
  98. If you ask your neighbor to watch your ox or ass, and your animal dies, is hurt, or is lost while under his care, then your neighbor shall swear to God that he didn't do anything wrong. If God confirms the oath, your neighbor does not have to pay you back. But if your animal was stolen while under his care, he must pay you for it. 22:10-12
  99. If your animal was torn in pieces while under your neighbor's care, he shall bring the pieces as a witness, and he doesn't owe you anything. 22:13
  100. If someone borrows an animal from his neighbor, and it is injured or dies, the person who borrowed the animal must pay the owner whatever the animal was worth. 22:14
  101. But if the owner was present or the animal was rented, no compensation is required. 22:15
  102. If you seduce and have sex with an unmarried woman, you must marry her. 22:16
  103. If her father refuses to give her to you, you must pay him the customary price for virgins. 22:17
  104. Kill witches. 22:18
  105. Kill anyone who has sex with an animal. 22:19
  106. Kill anyone who sacrifices to another god. 22:20
  107. Don't oppress strangers. 22:21
  108. Don't afflict widows and fatherless children. 22:22-24
  109. If you lend money to poor people, don't charge them interest. 22:25
  110. If you loan money to your neighbor and take his clothes as collateral, return them before sundown. 22:26-27
  111. Don't revile the gods. 22:28a
  112. Don't curse the ruler of your people. 22:28b
  113. Don't delay in offering your first fruits and liquors to God. 22:29a, 34:26
  114. Give God your firstborn sons. 22:29b
  115. Give God your firstborn oxen and sheep eight days after their birth. 22:30
  116. Be holy. 22:31a
  117. Don't eat any animal (or its fat) that died of natural causes or was killed by other animals. 22:31b
  118. If you find an animal that has died of natural causes or was killed by other animals, feed it to the dogs or strangers, or sell it to aliens. 22:31c
  119. Don't lie. 23:1a
  120. Don't provide favorable testimony for a guilty person. 23:1b
  121. Don't do evil just because everyone else is. 23:2a
  122. Don't pervert justice by the wrongly following the majority. 23:2b
  123. Don't favor poor people in lawsuits. 23:3
  124. Return your enemy's ox or ass if it goes astray. 23:4
  125. If your enemy's ass falls down, help with it. 23:5
  126. Don't deny justice to poor people. 23:6
  127. Don't make false accusations. 23:7a
  128. Don't kill innocent people. 23:7b
  129. Don't kill righteous people. 23:7c
  130. Don't accept a bribe. 23:8
  131. Every seventh year do not plant or harvest any crops. 23:10-11
  132. Don't mention the names of other gods. 23:13
  133. Eat unleavened bread for seven days. 23:15
  134. Celebrate three feasts during the year: unleavened bread, the first harvest, and the last harvest. 23:14-16, 34:18-22
  135. Three times a year every male must appear before God. 23:17, 34:23
  136. When you make blood sacrifices to God, don't include any leavened bread. 23:18a, 34:25a
  137. Don't let any of the fat of God's sacrifice remain until the next morning. 23:18b, 34:25b
  138. Bring your first harvest to the house of the Lord. 23:19a
  139. Don't boil a young goat in its mother's milk. 23:19b, 34:26
  140. Don't serve or follow people who believe in other gods. 23:24
  141. Conquer people who believe in other gods and destroy their religious property. 23:24, 34:13
  142. Serve God. 23:25-26
  143. Don't make treaties with people who believe in other gods. 23:32a, 34:12
  144. Don't make treaties with other gods. 23:32b
  145. Don't let people who believe in other gods live in your land. 23:33
  146. Give God some presents. 25:1-7, 35:4-9
  147. Make a sanctuary for God. 25:8-40
  148. Don't remove the staves from the Ark. 25:15
  149. Put some bread in front of God and let it remain there always. 25:30
  150. Make a tabernacle according to the following instructions. 26:1-37
  151. Make a court for the tabernacle. 27:9-19
  152. Get some oil for the lamp and keep it burning forever. 27:20-21
  153. Make every male descendant of Aaron a priest. 28:1, 43
  154. Make holy garments for the priests. 28:2-43
  155. Ordain priests according to the following instructions. 29:1-37
  156. Sacrifice to God two first-year lambs each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. 29:38-39, 42-45
  157. Make an altar for burning incense. 30:1-6
  158. Burn sweet incense on the altar every morning and evening forever. 30:7-8
  159. Don't burn any strange incense on the incense-burning altar. 30:9a
  160. Don't offer any burnt, meat, or drink offerings on God's special incense-burning altar. 30:9b
  161. Every man must pay God one half shekel annually. 30:12-16
  162. Make a brass bowl for priests to wash their hands and feet. 30:18-19
  163. Priests must wash their hands and feet before entering the tabernacle. 30:19-21
  164. Make some holy anointing oil. 30:23-25
  165. Anoint the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant, the table, all of the bowls and candlesticks, the incense-burning altar, the brass bowl with the holy anointing oil. 30:26-29
  166. Anoint priests with the holy anointing oil. 30:30-31
  167. Don't make any of God's special oil for any other purpose. 30:30-32
  168. Don't put this oil on anyone else. 30:30-33
  169. Make some holy perfume for God. 30:34-37
  170. Don't make any of God's holy perfume for your own use. 30:37
  171. Whoever makes any holy perfume for anyone but God will be cut off. 30:38
  172. Kill anyone who works on (or defiles) the Sabbath. 31:14-15, 35:2
  173. Worship the god whose name is Jealous. 34:14
  174. Don't make any molten gods. 34:17
  175. Don't appear before God empty. 34:20
  176. Don't start a fire on the Sabbath. 35:3