0 Job's friends come to visit (Job 3-25)

Episode 165: Job's friends come to visit

Job 3-25

"Job and His Friends", Gustave Doré

3 1-3 After this, Job said, "I curse the day I was born. 11 I wish I’d have died in childbirth."

4 1 Eliphaz said to Job,

5 Only guilty people die.

5 17 You should be happy that God is correcting you. Don't despise him for it.

18 God hurts and wounds people, but he heals them later.

6 1 Job responded by saying,

4 God has shot me with arrows, poisoned my spirit, and terrorized my soul.

6 Can that which is unsavory be eaten without salt? Is there any taste in the white of an egg?

24 Tell me what I've done wrong.

29-30 But don't judge me for things I haven't done or for things I haven't said.

7 5 My body is covered with worms and dirt clods. My skin is broken and loathsome.

7 My life is ending. I will see nothing more that is good.

9 There is no life after death. Whoever goes to the grave comes up no more.

11 So I will speak and complain about my affliction.

17 Why do you spend so much of your time tormenting people?

20 If I've sinned, why does that matter to you?

21 Why not just forgive me before I die?

8 1 Bildad said to Job,

3 Does God pervert justice?

4 If God killed your children because they misbehaved, they deserved it.

9 1 Job said to Bildad,

17 God torments me for no reason.

18 He won't let me breathe.

22 He destroys the good and the bad.

23 He laughs at the trial of the innocent.

24 He gives the earth to evil people and hides the truth from judges.

10 3 Is it good for God to oppress people, despise his creation, or advise and assist wicked people?

11 1 Zophar said to Job,

6 You’re getting off easy. God should punish you more than this.

12 1 Job responded by saying,

2 You are wise, but your wisdom will die with you.

4 Just and upright people are laughed to scorn.

13 4 You are lying, useless physicians.

5 You'd be wise to stop talking.

7 Will you lie for God?

15 God may kill me, but I won't back down from him.

14 1 Men are born from women.

4 So men are unclean.

10 Death is forever. There is no afterlife.

15 1 Eliphaz said to Job,

5 Your own words prove that you are guilty.

13 You've turned your spirit against God by letting such words go out of your mouth.

14 How could a man be clean or righteous when he is born of a woman?

16 1 Job said to Eliphaz,

2 Yeah, I've heard all of this before.

You guys are miserable comforters.

7 God has made me weary, and you are bad company.

8 You've filled me with wrinkles.

9 God hates me. He tears me with his wrath and gnashes me with his teeth.

12 He’s taken me by the neck and shaken me to pieces.

13 He used me as target practice for his archers and poured my guts on the ground.

14 He has trampled me like a giant.

15 I’ve sewed sackcloth on my skin and defiled my horn in the dust.

17 1 My breath is corrupt. I'm ready to die.

18 1 Bildad said, "Will you ever stop talking and let us speak?"

19 1 Job said,

17 My breath is strange to my wife.

18 Young children hate me.

19 My closest friends have turned against me.

20 I escaped with the skin of my teeth.

21 Have pity on me, because God has touched me with his hand.

22 Why do you join God in persecuting me?

20 1 Zophar said to Job,

7 Wicked people will perish forever like their own dung.

21 1 Job said,

7 Why do the wicked live long?

23 One man dies peacefully, with his breasts full of milk.

25 Another dies in bitterness, never having experienced pleasure.

26 Both will lie in the dust, covered with worms.

22 1 Eliphaz said,

4 Is God punishing you because you fear him?

5 No, he's punishing you because of your great wickedness and infinite iniquities.

23 1 Job said,

3 If I knew where to find God, I'd go there to argue my case in front of him.

7 And he would listen to me and set me free.

8 But I can't find God anywhere.

24 25 If what I say isn't true, show me where I am wrong.

25 1 Bildad said,

2 Dominion and fear are with God.

4 How can a man be clean who is born of a woman?

5 Not even the stars are pure in his sight.

6 Men are worms, and so is the son of man.

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