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He commanded also, that the tongue of the wicked Nicanor, should be cut out and given by pieces to birds, and the hand of the furious man to be hanged up over against the temple. 15:33

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2 Machabees


A heavenly horsemen helps Judas defeat Lysias
AbsurdityCruelty & Violence11:1-12

1 A short time after this Lysias the king's lieutenant, and cousin, and who had chief charge over all the affairs, being greatly displeased with what had happened,

Lysias, the king's lieutenant, attacked the Jews with 80,000 men, and 80 elephants.

2Gathered together fourscore thousand men, and all the horsemen, and came against the Jews, thinking to take the city, and make it a habitation of the Gentiles:

3 And to make a gain of the temple, as of the other temples of the Gentiles, and to set the high priesthood to sale every year:

4Never considering the power of God, but puffed up in mind, and trusting in the multitude of his foot soldiers, and the thousands of his horsemen, and his fourscore elephants.

5 So he came into Judea, and approaching to Bethsura, which was in a narrow place, the space of five furlongs from Jerusalem, he laid siege to that fortress.

6 But when Machabeus and they that were with him, understood that the strong holds were besieged, they and all the people besought the Lord with lamentations and tears, that he would send a good angel to save Israel.

Machabeus (Judas) and all the people asked God to send a good angel to save Israel.

7 Then Machabeus himself, first taking his arms, exhorted the rest to expose themselves together with him, to the danger, and to succour their brethren.

8 And when they were going forth together with a willing mind, there appeared at Jerusalem a horseman going before them in white clothing, with golden armour, shaking a spear.

And there appeared in Jerusalem a horseman in white clothing and golden armor, shaking a spear.

9 Then they all together blessed the merciful Lord, and took great courage, being ready to break through not only men, but also the fiercest beasts, and walls of iron.

10So they went on courageously, having a helper from Heaven, and the who shewed mercy to them.

And they were courageous, now that they had a helper from heaven

11And rushing violently upon the enemy, like lions, they slew of them eleven thousand footmen, and one thousand six hundred horsemen:

They attacked the enemy like lions, killing 11,000 footmen, and 1600 horsemen.

12And put all the rest to flight: many of them being wounded, escaped naked: yea and Lysias himself fled away shamefully, and escaped.

The rest of Lysias's army ran away naked, including Lysias himself.

Lysias becomes a friend of the Hebrews

13 And as he was a man of understanding considering with himself, the loss he had suffered, and perceiving that the Hebrews could not be overcome, because they relied upon the help of the Almighty God, he sent to them:

Lysias knew, since he was a man of understanding, that the Hebrews couldn't be overcome because God was on their side.

14 And promised that he would agree to all things that are just, and that he would persuade the king to be their friend.

So he promised to persuade the king to be their friend.

15 Then Machabeus consented to the request of Lysias, providing for the common good in all things, and whatsoever Machabeus wrote to Lysias concerning the Jews, the king allowed of.

And the king agreed to what Lysias had promised.

A letter from Lysias to the Jews
Boring Stuff 11:16-21

16For there were letters written to the Jews from Lysias, to this effect: Lysias to the people of the Jews, greeting.

There were four letters to the Jews from Lysias. 

17 John and Abesalom who were sent from you, delivering your writings, requested that I would accomplish those things which were signified by them.

18 Therefore whatsoever things could be reported to the king I have represented to him: and he hath granted as much as the matter permitted.

19 If therefore you will keep yourselves loyal in affairs, hereafter also I will endeavour to be a means of your good.

20 But as concerning other particulars, I have given orders by word both to these, and to them that are sent by me, to commune with you.

21 Fare ye well. In the year one hundred and forty-eight, the four and twentieth day of the month of Dioscorus.

A letter from King Antiochus to Lysias
Boring Stuff 11:22-26

22 But the king's letter contained these words: King Antiochus to Lysias his brother, greeting.

King Antiochus wrote a letter to Lysias.

23 Our father being translated amongst the gods, we are desirous that they that are in our realm should live quietly, and apply themselves diligently to their own concerns,

24 And we have heard that the Jews would not consent to my father to turn to the rites of the Greeks, but that they would keep to their own manner of living, and therefore that they request us to allow them to live after their own laws.

25 Wherefore being desirous that this nation also should be at rest, we have ordained and decreed, that the temple should be restored to them, and that they may live according to the custom of their ancestors.

26 Thou shalt do well therefore to send to them, and grant them peace, that our pleasure being known, they may be of good comfort, and look to their own affairs.

A letter from King Antiochus to the Jews
Boring Stuff 11:27-33

27But the king's letter to the Jews was in this manner: King Antiochus to the senate of the Jews, and to the rest of the Jews, greeting.

The King also wrote a letter to the Jews.

28 If you are well, you are as we desire, we ourselves also are well.

29 Menelaus came to us, saying that you desired to come down to your countrymen, that are with us.

30 We grant therefore a safe conduct to all that come and go, until the thirtieth day of the month of Xanthicus,

31 That the Jews may use their own kind of meats, and their own laws as before, and that none of them any manner of ways be molested for things which have been done by ignorance.

32 And we have sent also Menelaus to speak to you.

33 Fare ye well. In the year one hundred and forty-eight, the fifteenth day of the month of Xanthicus.

A letter from the Romans to the Jews
Boring Stuff 11:34-38

34The Romans also sent them a letter, to this effect. Quintus Memmius, and Titus Manilius, ambassadors of the Romans, to the people of the Jews, greeting.

And the Romans sent a letter to the Jews.

35 Whatsoever Lysias the king's cousin hath granted you, we also have granted.

36 But touching such things as he thought should be referred to the king, after you have diligently conferred among yourselves, send some one forthwith, that we may decree as it is convenient for you: for we are going to Antioch.

37 And therefore make haste to write back, that we may know of what mind you are.

38 Fare ye well. In the year one hundred and forty-eight, the fifteenth day of the month of Xanthicus.


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