Deuteronomy: Commandments

  1. Judge others fairly. 1:16-17, 16:18-20
  2. Kill and eat whatever your soul lusts after. 12:15
  3. Don't add any commandments. 4:2, 12:32
  4. Don't delete any commandments. 4:2, 12:32
  5. Don't make an artistic representation of anything. 4:16-18, 5:8, 27:15
  6. Don't make any graven images. 4:23, 5:8, 27:15
  7. Don't do evil in the sight of the Lord. 4:25-26, 31:29
  8. Make six cities of refuge (three on each side of the Jordan River), where accidental murderers can flee. 4:41-43, 19:2-10
  9. Have no other gods before Yahweh. 5:7
  10. Don't bow down to other gods. 5:9a
  11. Don't serve other gods. 5:9b, 28:14
  12. Don't take God's name in vain. 5:11
  13. Keep the Sabbath day holy. 5:12
  14. Don't work on the Sabbath. 5:13-14
  15. Honor your father and mother. 5:16
  16. Don't kill. 5:17
  17. Don't commit adultery. 5:18
  18. Don't steal. 5:19
  19. Don't lie. 5:20
  20. Don't covet your neighbor's house, slave, ox, ass, etc. 5:21
  21. Obey all the commandments. 5:32; 6:2, 17, 24, 25; 7:9-11; 8:1, 6, 11; 10:13; 11:1, 13, 32; 12:1, 28, 32; 13:4; 15:5; 19:9; 26:16, 17, 18; 27:1, 27:10, 27:26; 28:15-68; 29:9; 30:8, 16; 31:12
  22. Don't covet your neighbor's wife. 5:21
  23. Fear God. 6:2, 6:13, 24;, 8:6; 10:12, 20; 13:4, 31:12, 31:13
  24. Hear: God is one. 6:4
  25. Love God. 6:5, 10:12, 11:13, 11:22, 19:9, 30:16, 30:20
  26. Keep the commandments in your heart. 6:6, 11:18, 32:46
  27. Talk about the commandments. 6:7, 11:19
  28. Teach the commandments to your children. 6:7, 11:19
  29. Wear the commandments on your hand. 6:8a, 11:18a
  30. Wear the commandments between your eyes. 6:8b, 11:18b
  31. Write the commandments on your door posts and gates. 6:9, 11:20
  32. Serve God. 6:13; 10:12, 20; 11:13, 13:4
  33. Swear in God's name 6:13, 10:20
  34. Don't go after other gods. 6:14, 28:14
  35. Don't tempt God. 6:16
  36. Do good. 6:18
  37. When God takes away land from other people and gives it to you, you must kill all the inhabitants. 7:1-1
  38. When God takes land from other people and gives it to you, don't make any treaties with them. 7:1-2
  39. Have neither mercy nor pity when you to commit a God-commanded genocide. 7:2, 16
  40. Don't marry non-believers. 7:3-4
  41. Don't let your children marry non-believers. 7:3-4
  42. Conquer people who believe in other gods and destroy their religious property. 7:5, 25; 12:23
  43. Don't be afraid of heathens. 7:20-21
  44. Don't desire the silver and gold on the graven images of other gods. 7:25
  45. Don't bring an abomination into your house. 7:26a
  46. Detest and abhor an abomination. 7:26b
  47. Bless God when you finish eating. 8:10
  48. Don't forget God. 8:11, 18-19
  49. Walk in God's ways. 10:12, 11:22, 19:19, 28:9, 30:16
  50. Circumcise the foreskin of your heart. 10:16a
  51. Don't be stiffnecked. 10:16b
  52. Love the stranger as yourself. 10:19
  53. Cleave to God. 10:20, 11:22, 13:4
  54. Don't destroy God's holy things. 12:2-4
  55. Do all of your burnt offerings, heave offerings, sacrifices, vows, etc. in a special place that God will someday choose for you. 12:5-7, 11-14, 26-27
  56. Don't eat blood. 12:16, 12:23, 15:23
  57. Don't eat your tithe (of corn, wine, oil, and firstlings) inside the gates the your city. 12:17-18
  58. Don't forsake the Levites. 12:19, 14:27
  59. If a prophet gives you a sign or a wonder and asks you to go after other gods, don't listen to him. 13:1-3
  60. Kill prophets that give you a sign or a wonder. 13:1-5
  61. Walk after God. 13:4
  62. Obey God's voice. 13:4
  63. If your family or friends try to get you to worship another god, stone them to death. 13:6-10
  64. Don't consent to, listen to, pity, spare, or conceal your family or friends as you stone them to death. 13:8-10
  65. If you hear about a city in which some of the inhabitants are encouraging others to believe in other gods, then find out if it is true. 13:12-14
  66. If you find that it is true, kill all the people in the city, along with the animals. 13:14-15
  67. Then burn the city along with the spoil, and never rebuild it again. 13:16
  68. Don't cleave to the cursed thing. 13:17
  69. Don't cut your skin for dead people. 14:1a
  70. Don't make any baldness between your eyes for dead people. 14:1b
  71. Don't eat any abominable thing. 14:3
  72. Eat these animals: oxen, sheep, goats, harts, roebucks, fallow deer, pygargs, and chamois. 14:4-5
  73. Camels, conies, hares, and swine are unlcean. 14:7-8
  74. Don't eat camels, conies, hares, or swine. 14:7
  75. Eat animals that live in water and have fins and scales. 14:9
  76. Aquatic and marine animals that lack fins or scales are unlean. 14:9-10
  77. Don't eat animals that live in the water but don't have fins or scales. 14:10
  78. Eat clean birds. 14:11, 20
  79. The following birds may not be eaten: eagles, vultures, ospreys, kites, ravens, owls, nighthawks, hawks, cuckoos, cormorants, swans, pelicans, storks, herons, lapwings, and bats. 14:12-18
  80. Every creeping thing that flies is unclean. 14:19a
  81. Don't eat fowls that creep and walk upon all four. 14:19b
  82. Don't eat any animal (or its fat) that died of natural causes or was killed by other animals. 14:21a
  83. If you find an animal that has died of natural causes or was killed by other animals, feed it to the dogs or strangers, or sell it to aliens. 14:21b
  84. Don't boil a young goat in its mother's milk. 14:21c
  85. Reserve a tenth of your produce each year, including corn, wine, oil, and firslings of your heard and flocks. 14:22
  86. Take it to wherever God tells you to take it, and consume it there. 14:23
  87. If it's too far away to carry everything, then sell your stuff and bring the money instead. 14:24-25
  88. When you get there, you can buy oxen, sheep, wine, strong drink -- whatever your soul lusts after. 14:26
  89. Just remember to share with the Levites. 14:27
  90. Every three years bring a tenth of your produce to the city gates and leave it for Levites, strangers, the fatherless, and widows. 14:28-29, 26:12
  91. Cancel all debts every seven years. 15:1-2
  92. Foreingers must pay their debts during "the Lord's release." 15:3
  93. Lend money to other nations. 15:6a
  94. Don't borrow money from other nations. 15:6b
  95. Help the poor. 15:7-11
  96. Lend money during the seventh year, knowing that the loan will soon be forgiven and you won't get your money back. 15:9
  97. If you buy a Hebrew slave, set him free after six years of slavery. 15:12
  98. When you set your Hebrew slave free, give him lots of gifts. 15:13-14
  99. If your Hebrew slave refuses to leave his wife and children, bore a hole in his ear and he shall serve you forever. 15:16-17
  100. Sanctify all of your firstborn animals. 15:19a
  101. Don't do any work with your firstborn bull. 15:19b
  102. Don't shear your firstborn sheep. 15:19c
  103. Eat your firstborn bulls and sheep in the place where God chooses. 15:19-20
  104. Don't offer God any blemished animals. 15:21, 17:1
  105. Celebrate three feasts during the year: unleavened bread, the first harvest, and the last harvest. 16:1-13
  106. Eat unleavened bread for seven days. 16:3
  107. During the feast of unleavened bread, remove all yeast from every house. 16:4
  108. Don't leave any until the morning. 16:4
  109. Eat unleavened bread for six days. 16:8
  110. The seven-day feast of tabernacles begins of the fifteenth day of the seventh month. 16:13
  111. During the seven-day feast of tabernacles rejoice with tree and palm branches. 16:13-15
  112. Three times a year every male must appear before God. 16:16
  113. Males must bring God gifts when they meet with him three times a year. 16:16-17
  114. Appoint judges, officers, and magistrates. 16:18
  115. Don't plant trees near God's altar. 16:21
  116. Don't set up an image that God hates. 16:22
  117. Stone to death anyone who worships another god. 17:2-5
  118. At least two witnesses are required to convict someone of a crime. 17:6, 19:15
  119. If something comes up and you don't know what to do, go to the place where the Lord chooses and ask a priest to tell you what to do. Then do whatever he says. 17:8-11
  120. Kill anyone who refuses to obey a priest. 17:12a
  121. Kill anyone who refuses to obey a judge. 17:12b
  122. Accept as king whomever God chooses. 17:14-15a
  123. Don't accept a stranger as your king. 17:15b
  124. The king shall not have too many horses. 17:16a
  125. The king shall not take the people to Egypt. 17:16b
  126. Don't live in Egypt. 17:16c
  127. The king shall not have too many wives. 17:17a
  128. The king shall not have too much silver and gold. 17:17b
  129. The king must write down all of the commandments. 17:18
  130. The king must read the commandments every day of his life. 17:19
  131. Priests shall have no inheritance. 18:1-2
  132. When you offer a sacrifice of ox or sheep, give the priest the shoulder, the two cheeks, and the maw. 18:3
  133. Give the priest the firstfruits of your corn, wine, and oil. 18:4a
  134. Also give the priest the first fleece from your sheep. 18:4b
  135. If a Levite decides to live in a community, then he must be paid the same as the other Levites that reside there. 18:6-8
  136. Don't learn to do the abominations of other nations. 18:9
  137. Don't allow anyone who uses divination to live in your community. 18:10a
  138. Don't allow anyone who observes times to live in your community. 18:10b
  139. Don't allow enchanters to live in your community. 18:10c
  140. Don't allow witches to live in your community. 18:10d
  141. Don't allow charmers to live in your community. 18:10-11a
  142. Don't allow consulters with familiar spirits to live in your community. 18:10-11b
  143. Don't allow wizards to live in your community. 18:10-11c
  144. Don't burn your children to death. 18:10
  145. Don't allow necromancers to live in your community. 18:10-11
  146. Be perfect. 18:13
  147. Someday God will raise up a prophet and put words in his mouth. When he does, do whatever that prophet tells you to do. 18:15-19
  148. Kill false prophets. 18:20a
  149. Kill the prophets of other gods. 18:20b
  150. Don't be afraid of false prophets. 18:22
  151. Murderers must be killed by "the revenger of blood" (the victim's nearest male relative). 19:11-12
  152. Don't pity the person who is being punished. 19:13 , 20
  153. Don't remove your neighbor's landmark. 19:14, 27:17
  154. Punish false witnesses by doing to them what they falsely accused the defendant of doing. 19:16
  155. If you damage another person, you will be damaged in the same way. 19:21
  156. Don't be afraid when you go into battle. 20:1, 3-4
  157. Before going into battle, a priest shall speak to the soldiers. 20:2-4
  158. Men who have recently built houses, shall not fight in wars. 20:5
  159. Men who have recently planted a vineyard, shall not fight in wars. 20:6
  160. Men who have recently married, shall not fight in wars. 20:7, 24:5
  161. Men who are fearful or fainthearted, shall not fight in wars. 20:8
  162. If a city decides not to fight against you, enslave its inhabitants. 20:10-11
  163. If a city resists your attack, enslave the women and younger children. 20:12-15
  164. If a city resists your attack, kill every male in the city. 20:12-15
  165. When God gives you a city, you must kill everything in it that breathes. 20:16-18
  166. When you besiege a city, don't kill the fruit trees. 20:19
  167. When you besiege a city, kill all the trees that do not bear edible fruit. 20:20
  168. If you find a murder victim, have the elders decapitate a heifer, wash their hands, and say, "Our hands have not shed this blood, neither have our eyes seen it." 21:1-9
  169. When God delivers your enemies into your hands, and you see a beautiful woman among the captives, take her home, have sex with her, and marry her (after letting her mourn her parents for a month). 21:10-13
  170. If she doesn't fully satisfy you, let her go without selling her. 21:14
  171. If you have two wives, one beloved and another hated, and your firstborn son was born of your hated wife, then give him twice the inheritance of your beloved wife's firstborn son. 21:15-17
  172. Stone to death stubborn and rebellious sons. 21:18-21
  173. Don't be a drunkard of a glutton. 21:18-21
  174. Whoever commits a sin that is worthy of death shall be killed and hung on a tree. 21:22
  175. But don't let the body hang overnight. 21:22-23
  176. If you find a lost item, return it to its owner. 22:1-3
  177. If you see a donkey or an ox fall down, lift it up. 22:4
  178. Women may not wear men's clothing. 22:5a
  179. When building a roof, make sure it is safe. 22:8
  180. Men may not wear women's clothing. 22:5b
  181. If you see a bird's nest, don't take the mother bird. 22:6-7
  182. Don't plant a vineyard with different kinds of seeds. 22:9
  183. Don't plow with an ox and an ass together. 22:10
  184. Don't wear a garment made from different kinds of fibers. 22:11
  185. Put fringes on your garments. 22:12
  186. If a man accuses his wife of not being a virgin on her wedding night, and her parents are unable to produce the bloody sheets to disprove the accusation, then the men of the city shall stone her to death. 22:13-21
  187. If a man falsely accuses his wife of not being a virgin on her wedding night, then the he can never divorce her. 22:13-19
  188. If a man has sex with another man's wife, kill them both. 22:22
  189. If a betrothed virgin is raped in the city, stone her and the rapist to death. 22:23-24
  190. If a man rapes a betrothed damsel outside of the city, then kill the man but do nothing to the damsel. 22:25-27
  191. If a man rapes an unbetrothed virgin, the rapist must pay her father fifty shekels of silver, marry his victim, and never divorce her. 22:28-29
  192. Don't uncover the nakedness of your father. 22:30, 27:20
  193. A man with damaged testicles or a severed penis may not enter into the congregation of the Lord. 23:1
  194. A bastard may not enter into the congregation of the Lord. 23:2a
  195. You may not enter into the congregation of the Lord unless you can prove that there were no bastards among your ancestors in the last ten generations. 23:2b
  196. An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD. 23:3
  197. Don't seek the peace or prosperity of Ammonites or Moabites. 23:3-6
  198. Don't abhor Edomites. 23:7a
  199. Don't abhor Egyptians. 23:7b
  200. The grandchildren of Egyptians (and maybe Edomites) may enter the congregation of the Lord. 23:8
  201. When you go to war, stay away from wicked things. 23:9
  202. If you have a wet dream, go to the special wet dream place and wash with water in the evening before returning to camp. 23:10-12
  203. Prepare a place to go to the bathroom. 23:12
  204. When you defecate, cover up your excrement. 23:13-14
  205. Don't return runaway slaves to their masters. 23:15
  206. Let them live with you in peace and freedom. 23:16
  207. Make sure there aren't any whores in your community. 23:17a
  208. Make sure there aren't any sodomites in your community. 23:17b
  209. Don't bring the hire of a whore into the house of the Lord. 23:18a
  210. Don't bring the price of a dog into the house of the Lord. 23:18b
  211. Don't charge interest when loaning money. 23:19-20
  212. When loaning money to strangers, it's okay to charge interest. 23:20
  213. If you make a vow to the Lord, you must keep it. 23:21-23
  214. You may eat grapes from your neighbor's vineyard. 23:24
  215. You may pluck kernels of grain from your neighbor's farm. 23:25
  216. If you take a wife, and you find some uncleanness in her, divorce her and kick her out of your house. 24:1
  217. A divorced wife may marry another man, but if her new husband divorces her because he hates her too (or if he dies), then her former husband must not remarry her. 24:2-4
  218. When a man takes a new wife, he shall not do any business; he shall be free for one year to cheer up his new wife. 24:5
  219. Don't take a man's millstone as collateral in a loan. 24:6
  220. Kill anyone who steals someone with the intention of selling that person as a slave. 24:7
  221. If you get leprosy, do whatever the priests tell you to do. 24:8
  222. Remember what God did to Miriam. 24:9
  223. If you lend someone something, don't go into their house to collect the collateral. 24:10-11
  224. If you loan money to your neighbor and take his clothes as collateral, return them before sundown. 24:12-13
  225. Don't oppress the poor and afflicted. 24:14
  226. Pay your workers at the end of each working day. 24:15
  227. Don't kill fathers for things their children did, and vice versa. 24:16
  228. Don't pervert the judgment of strangers. 24:17a
  229. Don't pervert the judgment of fatherless children. 24:17b, 27:19
  230. Don't take a widow's clothing for collateral in a loan. 24:17c
  231. If you forget to harvest some of your field, leave it for strangers, fatherless children, and widows. 24:19
  232. Only beat your olive trees once. 24:20
  233. After you pick your grapes, don't pick the ones you missed. 24:21
  234. Remember that you were a slave in Egypt. 24:22
  235. When a judge decides that someone is wicked, make him lie down and beat him with up to forty lashes. 25:2-3
  236. Don't muzzle an ox while it is treading the grain. 25:4
  237. If a man dies before his wife has a child, his widow must not marry a stranger. 25:5a
  238. Rather, she must marry her dead husband's brother. 25:5b
  239. When a man marries his dead brother's wife, the firstborn son receives the dead brother's name. 25:6
  240. If a man refuses to "go in unto" his dead brother's wife, she shall loosen his shoe and spit in his face. 25:7-9
  241. A man who refuses to have sex with his dead brother's wife shall be called "him that has his shoe loosed." 25:10
  242. If two men fight and the wife of one grabs the "secrets" of the other, "then thou shalt cut off her hand." 25:11-12
  243. Don't pity the woman as you cut off her hand. 25:12
  244. Don't cheat. 25:13-15
  245. Remember what Amalek did to you. 25:17-18
  246. Kill Amalekites (men, women, infants and sucklings, ox and sheep, camel and ass). 25:19
  247. Take your basket of first fruits to the priest. 26:3-10
  248. Rejoice. 26:11
  249. After after you finish giving your tithe, say the following words to God: 26:13-15
  250. Don't make a molten image. 27:15
  251. Don't set light by your father or mother. 27:16
  252. Don't cause a blind person to stumble. 27:18
  253. Don't pervert the judgement of widows. 27:19
  254. Don't have sex with animals. 27:21
  255. Don't uncover the nakedness of your sister, the daughter of your father. 27:22a
  256. Don't uncover the nakedness of your sister, the daughter of your mother. 27:22b
  257. Don't smite your neighbor secretly. 27:24
  258. Don't kill an innocent person for money. 27:25
  259. Don't change the commandments. 28:14
  260. Every seven years, read the commandments to all the people in a place that God will choose. 31:10-11
  261. Write down the Song of Moses and teach people to sing it. 31:19-22
  262. Put the commandments in the ark of the covenant. 31:26
  263. Don't eat the fat or drink the wine of offerings made to other gods. 32:37-38
  264. Command your children to obey all of the commandments. 32:46b