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He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. John 7:38

Trivia: Who chose a devil for a disciple?

SAB: Trivia Questions


  1. What did Jesus say about those that love their families more than him?
  2. According to Jesus, who are his mother and brothers?
  3. How much faith do you need, according to Jesus, to move a mountain?
  4. In Matthew 5, Jesus names one legitimate casue for divorce. What is that?
  5. Who said that heaven will pass away?
  6. What did Jesus say you shouldn't throw in front of pigs?
  7. What two powers did Jesus give his disciples in Matthew 10:1?
  8. Where did Jesus say you should pray?
  9. What did Jesus say would happen after the gospel was preached throughout the world?
  10. What made Joseph decide return to Israel from Egypt?
  11. When Jesus comes in the glory of his father, how will he reward every man?
  12. According to Jesus, who will rise up and judge his generation?
  13. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on what, according to the gospel of Matthew?
  14. In Matthew 16, who did Jesus call "Satan"?
  15. What is the smallest seed, according to Jesus?
  16. How many brothers and sisters did Jesus have?
  17. What was the only sign Jesus said he would give?
  18. Who did Jesus say would see him enter his kingdom?
  19. Who said he'd come not to bring peace, but a sword?
  20. How did Jesus pay his taxes?
  21. What did Jesus say about testifying?
  22. What did Jesus say about trees that don't bear good fruit?
  23. When did the body of saints come out of their graves and walk the streets of Jerusalem?
  24. According to the gospel of Matthew, what did the people say after Pilate washed his hands?
  25. Which commandments did Jesus say must be obeyed to have eternal life?
  26. MARK

  27. According to Mark 6:16, who did Herod Antipas think Jesus was?
  28. In Mark 13:17, who did Jesus say would have it particularly bad when theend of the world comes?
  29. In Mark 16, what did Jesus say would happen to those who don't believe?
  30. In Mark 8, how did Jesus cure the blind man?
  31. In Mark 7, what commandment did Jesus criticize the Pharisees for not obeying?
  32. In Mark 1, why did Jesus command the devils not to speak?
  33. Jesus listed the commandments in Mark 10:19. What was the fifth commandment?
  34. According to Jesus, what should you do if your hand, foot, or eye offends you?
  35. In Mark 1, who called Jesus the Holy One of God?
  36. In Mark 13:32, what did Jesus say he didn't know?
  37. How many pigs did Jesus drown by sending devils into them?
  38. According to Jesus, what will everyone be salted with?
  39. In Mark 13:13, who did Jesus say would be saved?
  40. In Mark 16, what five signs did Jesus say would identify his followers?
  41. In Mark 7, how did Jesus cure the deaf man with a speech impediment?

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