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  1. How did Jesus cure the lunatic in Matthew 17?
  2. Who said that Jesus is not the son of David?
  3. What did Jesus say he'd do to those who deny him before men?
  4. How did the Pharisees say Jesus cast out devils?
  5. What did Jesus's disciples say after hearing his teaching on divorce?
  6. According to Jesus, what happens when a man divorces his wife?
  7. What did Jesus say you shouldn't give to dogs?
  8. What made Joseph decide to take his family to Egypt?
  9. What did Jesus say about those that endure to the end?
  10. If you have an evil eye, what did Jesus say about you?
  11. What did Jesus say you should you do if your right eye offends you?
  12. Who said that he came to disrupt families?
  13. Who said that you shouldn't call anyone on earth "father"?
  14. What did Mary Magdalene and the other Mary do when they met Jesus after he rose from the dead?
  15. What did Jesus do when he saw a fig tree with only leaves and no fruit?
  16. What did Jesus say about those who call other people fools?
  17. Jesus said that there was a time when the kingdom of heaven suffered violence and the violent took it by force? When was that?
  18. What sin did Jesus say would never be forgiven?
  19. What did Jesus promise to those who forsake their family, brothers, sisters, parents, wives, and chidren for his name's sake?
  20. What four things did Jesus tell his disciples to do in Matthew 10:8?
  21. What made Joseph decide to take his family to Galilee instead of Judea?
  22. What did Jesus call the generation who listened to his preaching?
  23. How did Joseph find out that the Holy Ghost got Mary pregnant?
  24. Who did Jesus say was the greatest person born from a woman?
  25. What two groups did Jesus tell his disciples to stay away from?
  26. What did Jesus say you should you do if your right hand offends you?
  27. Who did Jesus say would be hated by everyone?
  28. According to Jesus, what will happen to the haves and the have-nots?
  29. What did Jesus say about every jot and tittle of the Old Testament's laws?
  30. Who said the scribes and Pharisees would be damned to hell because they were children of prophet killers?
  31. According to Jesus, what kind of a generation asks for a sign?
  32. What did Jesus say will happen to the children of the kingdom?
  33. According to the gospel of Matthew, when did Joseph "know" Mary?
  34. What was Jesus's legal advice on lawsuits?
  35. What did Jesus tell the rich young man that he must do to have eternal life?
  36. What did Jesus say about a man who looks at a woman with lust?
  37. In Matthew 17, what did Jesus say to his disciples when they couldn't cure a lunatic?
  38. How many times did Jesus say you must forgive someone?
  39. Who said there is no marriage in heaven?
  40. What does Jesus say about a man who marries a divorced woman?

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