0 Tobias Topical Outline

The Book of Tobias

1 Tobias was favored by King Salmanasar of Assyria (1-17)

    King Sennacherib tries to kill Tobias (18-25)

2 Tobias continues to bury the dead (1-9)

    Tobias is blinded by swallow dung (10-23)

3 Tobias prayed, saying "It would be better for me to die, than to live" (1-6)

    Sara prayed, saying, "I never lusted after my husbands." (7-23)

    God heard their prayers and sent Raphael to heal them (7-23)

4 Tobias said to Tobias, "Do good and get money from Gabelus" (1-23)

5 Raphael offers to lead Tobias to Gabelus in Medes (1-28)

6 Roasted fish hearts drive away devils (1-9)

    You must marry Sara  (10-)

7 Tobias marries Sara (1-22)

8 Raphael ties up the devil in Egypt  (1-3)

    Tobias prays, saying "I didn't marry Sara for lust." (4-10)

    Raguel digs a grave for Tobias (just in case) (11-24)

9 The angel Raphael gets the money from Galeus (1-12)

10 Tobias goes home (1-13)

11 Tobias Sr. is cured of blindness by a roasted fish gall (1-21)

12 Raphael went away, and everyone fell on their face for three hours (1-22)

13 God leads people to hell and back again (1-23)

14 Tobias Sr. and Jr. died, and everyone lived happily ever after (1-17)

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