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And the gall is good for anointing the eyes, in which there is a white speck, and they shall be cured. 6:9

Trivia: According to the angel Raphael, what is roasted fish heart good for?



Tobias said to Tobias, "Do good and get money from Gabelus"
Good Stuff4:1-23

1 Therefore when Tobias thought that his prayer was heard that he might die, he called to him Tobias his son,

When Tobias thought his prayer was heard and that he might die, so he called his son Tobias.

2 And said to him: Hear, my son, the words of my mouth, and lay them as a foundation in thy heart.

And said to him,

3 When God shall take my soul, thou shalt bury my body: and thou shalt honour thy mother all the days of her life:

When God takes me, take care of your mother.

4 For thou must be mindful what and how great perils she suffered for thee in her womb.

5 And when she also shall have ended the time of her life, bury her by me.

And when she dies, bury her.

6 And all the days of thy life have God in thy mind: and take heed thou never consent to sin, nor transgress the commandments of the Lord our God.

7 Give alms out of thy substance, and turn not away thy face from any poor person: for so it shall come to pass that the face of the Lord shall not be turned from thee.

Help the poor, and never turn away from them.

8 According to thy ability be merciful.

Be merciful.

9 If thou have much give abundantly: if thou have a little, take care even so to bestow willingly a little.

If you are wealty, willing give to help others.

10 For thus thou storest up to thyself a good reward for the day of necessity.

11 For alms deliver from all sin, and from death, and will not suffer the soul to go into darkness.

If you help the poor, it will deliver you from sin and your soul won't go into darkness.

12 Alms shall be a great confidence before the most high God, to all them that give it.

13 Take heed to keep thyself, my son, from all fornication, and beside thy wife never endure to know a crime.

Don't fornicate.

14 Never suffer pride to reign in thy mind, or in thy words: for from it all perdition took its beginning.

Don't be proud in your mind or in your words.

15 If any man hath done any work for thee, immediately pay him his hire, and let not the wages of thy hired servant stay with thee at all.

Pay those who do work for you.

16 See thou never do to another what thou wouldst hate to have done to thee by another.

Don't do anything to others that you wouldn't want done to yourself.

17 Eat thy bread with the hungry and the needy, and with thy garments cover the naked.

Eat with the poor and hungry, and cover the naked with your garments.

18 Lay out thy bread, and thy wine upon the burial of a just man, and do not eat and drink thereof with the wicked.

19 Seek counsel always of a wise man.

Ask for the counsel of the wise.

20 Bless God at all times: and desire of him to direct thy ways, and that all thy counsels may abide in him.

21 I tell thee also, my son, that I lent ten talents of silver, while thou wast yet a child, to Gabelus, in Rages a city of the Medes, and I have a note of his hand with me:

When you were a child, I lent ten talents of silver to Gabelus in Rages, and I have a note that he signed.

22 Now therefore inquire how thou mayst go to him, and receive of him the foresaid sum of money, and restore to him the note of his hand.

Go to Rages and get the money from him.

23 Fear not, my son: we lead indeed a poor life, but we shall have many good things if we fear God, and depart from all sin, and do that which is good.

Do what is good.


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