0 The Apocalypse of Isaiah (Isaiah 24-27)

Episode 183: The Apocalypse of Isaiah

Isaiah 24-27

The day the music died

24 1 God will turn the earth upside down and scatter all of its people. 3 The earth will be completely destroyed. 6 All the people on earth will be burned, except for a few men. 7 There is no more wine. All the merry-hearted sigh. 8 It is the day the music died. 9 Strong drinks will taste bitter. 10 There is confusion in the city. Houses are shut up, so that no one may come in. 11 There is crying for wine in the streets. All joy and mirth is gone.

The pit and the snare

14-16 Everyone will sing and rejoice and glorify the Lord in the fires.

17 Everyone on earth will be terrorized with the pit and the snare. 18 Those who run in fear will fall into the pit. Those who come out of the pit will be trapped in the snare. The windows of heaven will open and the foundations of the earth will shake.

The drunken earth, confounded moon, and ashamed sun

19-20 The earth is broken down, has completely dissolved, and moves, reeling to and fro like a drunkard. It falls and will not rise. 21 God will punish the kings of the earth. 23 The moon will be confounded and the sun ashamed, when God reigns from Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

Like straw on a dunghill

25 1 Oh God, you've done such wonderful things. 2 You've trashed a city. 3 The city of terrible nations will be afraid of you.

4 For you have been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy, a refuge from the storm, and a shadow from the heat.

6 On this mountain, God will make a feast of fat things and wines for everyone. 7 Then he'll destroy the mountain. 8 And he'll swallow up death in victory. 10 And stomp on Moab like straw on a dunghill.

The earth is casting out its dead

26 1 In that day, this song will be sung.

14 The dead are dead. They will not live. God has caused their memory to perish.

19 Your dead people will live with my dead body.

Wake up and sing, you dust people, for the earth is casting out its dead.

21 For God will come out of his place to punish everyone on earth. And the earth will be covered with blood, and the dead bodies will not be covered.

God will kill the Leviathan and the sea dragon

27 1 On that day, God will kill leviathan (that piercing, crooked serpent) with his big, strong sword. And he'll kill the sea dragon.

2 God says,

On that day, sing a song to my red wine vineyard.

3 I water and keep it myself, night and day.

4 Fury isn't in me. But if I see any briers and thorns, I'll burn them.

11 God created people who don't understand. Therefore he won't have mercy on them or show them favor.

13 On that day, the great trumpet will sound and God will gather the children of Israel from Assyria and Egypt, and they will worship him on the holy mountain in Jerusalem.

A few more words about this episode

The Apocalypse of Isaiah
Chapters 24-27 are often called The Isaiah Apocalypse. It doesn't claim to have been written by Isaiah, and most scholars believe that it wasn't, but was written at least a hundred years later than the rest of "First Isaiah" (Chapters 1-39) which was written in the late eighth century BCE. There are no references to kings, places, or times to help in determining the author, the place that it was written, or the time when the coming destruction is to occur.
Your dead people will live (26:19)
This, along with Daniel 12:2, is the only clear reference to the resurrection of the dead in the Hebrew scriptures.
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