1 Timothy

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1 Timothy: Commandments

  1. Don't believe fables. 1:4a, 4:7

  2. Don't believe in endless genealogies. 1:4b

  3. Pray for everybody. 2:1a

  4. Give thanks. 2:1b

  5. Pray everywhere. 2:8

  6. Women should dress modestly. 2:8-9a

  7. Women should not braid their hair. 2:8-9b

  8. Women should not wear expensive jewelry. 2:8-9c

  9. Women should do good works. 2:10

  10. Women should be silent. 2:11-12

  11. Women may not teach. 2:12a

  12. Or have authority over men. 2:12b

  13. Bishops and deacons must be perfect and have only one wife. 3:2-7

  14. Kill and eat animals. 4:4

  15. Exercise to become godly. 4:7-8

  16. Obey all of the commandments in First Timothy. 4:11; 5:21; 6:2, 14

  17. Honor widows that are widows indeed. 5:3-10

  18. Refuse young widows. 5:11-15

  19. If you have any widows, take care of them yourself. The church will only deal with widows indeed. 5:16

  20. Give elders that rule well double honor. 5:17-18

  21. An elder can't be accused of any wrongdoing unless there are two or three witnesses. 5:19

  22. Don't lay your hands suddenly on anyone. 5:22a

  23. Keep yourself pure. 5:22b

  24. Don't drink water anymore. Drink wine instead. 5:23

  25. Slaves, honor your masters. 6:1

  26. If your master is a believer, serve him. 6:2

  27. Shun those who teach anything that disagrees with the commandments in First Timothy. 6:3-5

  28. If you have food and clothes, be content. 6:8

  29. Avoid wealth. 6:9-11

  30. Follow righteousness. 6:11a

  31. Follow after godliness. 6:11b

  32. Keep the faith. 6:11c

  33. Walk in love. 6:11d

  34. Be patient with everybody. 6:11e

  35. Be meek. 6:11f

  36. Fight the good fight of faith. 6:12a

  37. Hold on to eternal life. 6:12b

  38. Tell the rich not to put their trust in their riches. 6:17

  39. Rich people should do good by distributing their wealth among others. 6:18

  40. Avoid profane and vain babblings. 6:20a

  41. Avoid the opposition of science (falsely so called). 6:20b