0 Wisdom : Intolerance

Thou ... didst send wasps, forerunners of thy host, to destroy them by little and little. 12:8

Trivia: According to the Book of Wisdom, who were "eaters of men' s bowels, and devourers of blood"?

Wisdom : Intolerance (17)

  1. There will be an inquisition into the thoughts of the ungodly, and they shall be chastised for their iniquities. 1:9
  2. The brood of the wicked won't thrive, and bastard seedlings won't take root. 4:3

  3. God chastises people little by little, so they will quit being wicked and believe in him. 12:2

  4. You hated the original inhabitants of the holy land, because they murdered their own children and ate human blood and entrails. You wanted the Israelites to slaughter them for sacrificing their children. 12:3-6

  5. You sent wasps to kill them little by little. 12:8

  6. You were able to kill them through war, cruel beasts, or with your own word you could kill them at once. 12:9

  7. They were a wicked generation by their very natures, and could never have been changed. 12:10

  8. They and their children were cursed from the beginning, and you never forgave any of them for their sins. 12:11

  9. Who can say to you, "What have you done?" Who can complain after you have killed them all? By doing such things, you teach your people to be just and humane. 12:12-19

  10. The enemies of your servants deserve to die. 12:20

  11. You have greatly tormented thso who have lived foolishly and unjustly, bythe same things that they worshiped. 12:23

  12. You sent judgment upon them like they were senseless children to mock them. They were killed because they didn't believe in you. 12:25-27

  13. Those who don't know God are foolish. They worship nature as god. But God is more beautiful and powerful than anything in nature. 13:1-3

  14. There is no excuse for not believing in God. 13:8

  15. If they know so much about the world, how could they not know about God? 13:9

  16. Idols are cursed, as are those who make them. 14:8

  17. God will torment both the idol and the idol maker. 14:10

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