0 The Book of Abraham : Absurdity

My name is Jehovah, and I know the end from the beginning. 2:8

Trivia: What land was under water when it was first discovered?

The Book of Abraham : Absurdity (28)

  1. I, Abraham, received the priesthood from the beginning of time, before the foundation of the earth. 1:3
  2. The angels said, "Abraham, I'm Jehovah and I've come down to save you and take you away from your father's house and bring you to a strange land. I'm going to kill those who were trying to kill you." 1:16-17
  3. Egypt was discovered by a woman who was the daughter of Ham and Egyptus (which is Egypt in the Chaldean language, signifying that which is forbidden). 1:23
  4. When this woman discovered Egypt it was under water. Later her sons settled there. So in this way the curse of Ham was preserved in that race. 1:24
  5. Pharaoh ruled wisely, and was blessed by his father Noah with the blessings of the earth, but cursed him when it came to the priesthood. 1:26
  6. But I'll try to provide you with a history that extends back to the beginning of creation, because I have all the records for that. 1:28
  7. But I had the records of the creation of the planets and stars. And I still have them. I'll try to write down some of that for you. 1:31
  8. But I had the records of the creation of the planets and stars. And I still have them. I'll try to write down some of that for you. 1:31
  9. I'm God. I use the wind and fire for a chariot. I move mountains around in an instant. 2:7
  10. My name is Jehovah. I know the end from the beginning. 2:8
  11. I [God] will bless those who receive your [Abraham's] gospel and will consider them to be your seed. 2:10
  12. I [God] will bless them that bless you [Abraham] and curse those who curse you. 2:11
  13. Everyone on earth will be blessed by your seed (that is, your priesthood) and your seed (that is, your literal seed - the seed of your body) . 2:11
  14. As we were traveling, the Lord said to me, "Your wife Sarai is very attractive. When the Egyptians see her, they'll say, 'She's his wife,' and they'll kill you, but keep her alive. So tell her to tell the Egyptians that she's your sister. That way you'll stay alive." 2:22-24
  15. I, Abraham, had the Urim and Thummim that God had given me. 3:1
  16. And I saw the stars, one of which was nearest to God's throne. 3:2
  17. The Lord said to me, "The bright star is Kolob, because it is near me." 3:3
  18. The Lord said to me by the Urim and Thummim, "On Kolob, a day is 1000 years." 3:4
  19. Abraham talked to God, as one person talks to another. 3:11
  20. God said, "This is Shinehah, the sun; and Olea, the moon. Kolob is a star, and Kokaubeam are the stars." 3:13
  21. I [God] will multiply your [Abraham] seed so it'll be as many as the grains of sand. 3:14
  22. Kolob is the greatest of all the Kokaubeam, because it is the nearest to me. 3:16
  23. The Lord showed Abraham how intelligences were organized before the world existed. 3:22
  24. Among them there stood someone who looked like God, and he said, "We'll take these materials and make an earth where these can live. But first we'll test them here to see if they will do what God commands." 3:24-25
  25. The Lord said, "Whom should I send?" One of them who looked like the Son of Man said, "Send me." Another one said, "Send me." God said, "I'll send the first one" 3:27
  26. The second one was angry and didn't keep his first estate. Many others followed him. 3:28
  27. The Lord said, "Let us go down." And they, that is the Gods, went down and organized and formed the heavens and the earth. 4:1
  28. I, Abraham, saw that this story uses Kolob time, not earth time. 5:13

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