0 The Book of Abraham Topical Outline

The second was angry, and kept not his first estate; and, at that day, many followed after him. 3:28

Trivia: Who discovered Egypt?

1 Abraham's hieroglyphics (1-20)

    Ham and Egyptus preseved the race that God cursed (and that can't be priests) (21-31)

2 Abraham, Sarah, and Lot move to to Canaan (1-16)

    God tells Abraham to lie about Sarah (so things will go well for him) (17-25)

3 God lives on a planet called Kolob (1-21)

    God explains the pre-existence to Abraham (22-26)

    Jesus and Satan volunteer (God chooses Jesus) (27-28)

4 The first creation account (The Gods organize things) (1-31)

5 The second creation story (The trouble with help meets) (1-21)

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