0 More animal sacrifices: A statute forever (Lev 5-7)

Episode 44 - More animal sacrifices: A statute forever

(Leviticus 5-7)

Unclean and guilty: for touching bodily discharges, dead bugs, etc.

5 2 Whoever touches any unclean thing, like a dead bug or beast, is unclean and guilty.

3 Or if he unknowingly touches the uncleanness of man, he is guilty when he discovers it.

5-6 If he is guilty of one of these things, he must confess he is guilty and sacrifice to me a female cow, lamb, or goat.

7 If he is unable to bring a lamb (or goat or cow), then he will bring two doves or pigeons to me.

8 The priest will wring off their necks.

9 He will sprinkle the blood on the side of the altar and wring out the rest at the bottom of the altar. It is a sin offering.

Lost and found

6 1-5 If a man lies to his neighbor, or found something that was lost and lies about it, then he must return what was lost to the owner, plus 20%.

6 Then he must sacrifice an unblemished ram to me.

7 The priest will make an atonement for him and I'll forgive him.

The sin offering

25 This is the law of the sin offering. Kill the sin offering in front of God in the place where you killed the burnt offering. It is most holy.

27 Whatever touches the flesh of the sin offering is holy.

If any blood gets on a garment, wash it in the holy place.

28 If it was cooked in a clay pot, it must be broken; if cooked in a brass pot, it must be scoured and rinsed in water.

29 All the male priests must eat it. It is most holy.

30 Don't eat any blood from the sin offerings. Burn them with fire.

The Trespass offering

7 1 This is the law of the trespass offering. It is most holy.

2 Kill the trespass offering and sprinkle the blood round about on the altar.

3-4 Offer all of it: fat, rump, kidneys, liver, and other internal organs.

3-4 The priest shall burn it all for me on the altar. It is a trespass offering.

6 It is most holy.

8 And the priest shall have all the skin to himself.

9 He will also get all the meat that is baked in the oven or fried in the frying pan.

The peace offering

15 Eat the peace offering the same day it is offered. Don't leave any for the next morning.

17 Burn (with fire) any that remains on the third day.

18 Don't eat any of your peace offerings on the third day. That is an abomination.

19 Don't eat flesh that has touched any unclean thing. Eat whatever is clean, and burn the rest (with fire).

20 Anyone who eats the flesh of a peace offering when their uncleanness is upon them, will be cut off from his people.

21 Anyone who touches any unclean thing (like the uncleanness of man, unclean beast, or any abominable unclean thing) and eats the flesh of a peace offering, will be cut off from his people.

Don't eat fat, blood, or roadkill

23 Don't eat the fat of an ox, sheep, or goat.

24 Don't eat the fat of a beast that dies of natural causes or is torn by beasts. You can use these dead animals for other things, but don't eat them.

25 Whoever eats the fat of a beast that is sacrificed to me, will be cut off from his people.

26-27 Don't eat blood. Whoever does will be exiled.

The wave offering

29-30 Whoever offers God a peace offering shall bring it to God, with the fat and breast for a wave offering.

31 The priest will burn the fat on the altar, but the breast shall be for Aaron and his sons.

The heave offering

32 Give the right shoulder to the priest for a heave offering.

34 I have given the wave breasts and the heave shoulders to the priests and their sons as a statute forever.

A statute forever

36 The law of the burnt offering, meat offering, sin offering, trespass offering, and peace offering are all commanded by God to be statutes forever.

A few more words about this episode

Sacrifice to me a female cow, lamb, or goat (5:6)
Since these sins are relatively minor, a female animal will do. For sins that are more serious, only a male animal sacrifice would be acceptable to God.
All the male priests must eat it. (6:29)
Were there female priests?
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