0 27. The Ant : Absurdity

Solomon ... said: O mankind! Lo! we have been taught the language of birds. 27:16

Trivia: What bird was missing from Solomon's army?

27. The Ant : Absurdity (8)

  1. With Allah's help, Moses turns his staff into a snake (or a demon). 27:10
  2. For his second magic trick, Moses turns his hand white (with Allah's help, of course). 27:12
  3. Solomon was taught the language of birds. 27:16
  4. The Jinn and birds fought in Solomon's army. 27:17
  5. Talking ants! 27:18
  6. Solomon talks to the ants. 27:19
  7. Solomon is upset that the hoopee is not among the birds in his army. 27:20
  8. Solomon says he'll kill the hoopee unless he has a good excuse for his absence. 27:21

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