0 4 Nephi Topical Outline

Thus they did dwindle in unbelief and wickedness. 4 Nephi 1:34 1:34

Trivia: Why did Ammaron hide the sacred records?

The Fourth Book of Nephi

1 The disciples form a new church (34 - 59 CE) (1-6)

     The people rebuild the cities that Jesus destroyed (except for the ones that he sank) (7-9)

     The Nephites become fair and delightsome (60 - 70 CE) (10-13)

     The nine mortal disciples die (70-100 CE) (14)

     Everything is perfect and there are no -ites (101 - 110 CE) (15-17)

     Nephi dies, gives his plates to his son Amos, and the Lamanites return (111-194 CE) (19-20)

     Amos dies and gives the plates to his son Amos, and the Nephites become exceedingly rich (194-200) CE) (21-23)

     Many evil churches arise (201-210 CE) (24-27)

     The evilest church tries to kill the disciples (210-230 CE) (28-33)

     The people dwindle in unbelief (231-244 CE) (34-39)

     The wicked part use secret combinations (244-300 CE) (40-45)

     The robbers of Gadianton spread throughout the land (300-305 CE) (45-46)

     Amos dies and the Holy Ghost forces Ammaron to hide the plates (305-320 CE) (47-49)

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