The Book of Alma


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1 The preaching of Nehor
Nehor kills Gideon
The death of Nehor
Church members vs non-members
2 Amlici loses the election (but becomes king anyway)
God helps the Nephites slaughter the Amlicites
Alma kills Amlici (with God's help)
3 God set a mark upon them
4 Alma appoints Nephihah as chief judge
5 Alma preaches to the Nephites
6 Alma went to the city of Gideon in the valley of Gideon (which was named after Gideon)
7 Jesus is coming!
8 Alma's misssions to Melek, Ammonihah, and Aaron
9 Alma Speaks Again to the People of Ammonihah
10 Aminadi reads the writing on the wall
The evil lawyers of Ammonihah
11 The Book of Mormon system of measurement
The Son of God is the eternal Father (and he won't save you from your sins)
12 The tree of life, hell, and the preparatory state
13 Melchizedek was the Prince of Peace (He was the greatest person to ever live)
14 Alma and Amulek are taken to the chief judge
The conversion of Zeezrom
The followers of Alma and Amulek are burned to death
Alma and Amulek are imprisoned
The prison escape and falling walls
15 The Healing of Zeezrom
16 Ammonihah is destroyed by the Lamanites
17 Alma runs across the sons of Mosiah, and they catch up
Fourteen years ago, Mosiah's sons go to preach to the Lamanites
Ammon kills six Lamanite flock-scatterers and chops off the arms of many more
18 Ammon converts King Lamoni
19 King Lamoni wakes from his sleep with God
20 The release of Ammon's brethren
21 Aaron preaches in Jerusalem, Ani-Anti, and Middoni
A prison break, more preaching, and religious freedom
22 Aaron tells King Ishmael about the Great Spirit
The king falls down and appears to be dead
The king stands up
23 They called themselves the Anti-Nephi-Lehies
24 The Anti-Nephi-Lehies bury their swords in the ground
25 Another Lamanite conversion
26 I'm not bragging, I'm just really happy about how awesome my God is
27 The Anti-Nephi-Lehies change their name to the people of Ammon
28 A tremendous battle
29 O that I were an angel!
30 The Anti-Christ (Korihor) comes to town
31 The Zoramites
32 The most precious, sweet, white, pure fruit
33 The Wisdom of Zenos and Zenock
34 Try the experiment!
35 The Zoramite conversion
36 Alma's message to Helaman (Part 1)
37 Alma Jr. gives his son, Helaman, the plates of Nephi
And the 24 (Jaredite?) plates
And the ball, director, Liahona, or compass
38 Alma Jr. preaches to his son Shiblon
39 The devil led Corianton astray after the harlot Isabel
40 Alma explains the resurrection of the dead to Corianton
41 Alma explains the restoration to Corianton
42 Alma explains hell to Corianton
43 Back to fighting!
44 A live scalping and a surrender
45 Alma's amazing prophecy
The end of Alma (The man, not the book)
46 The Title of Liberty and the first Christians
A clothes ripping party!
Moroni killed those who would not support the cause of freedom
47 Amalickiah's Treachery
48 Preparing for war
49 A Gigantic Wall
50 The People of Morianton
51 Freemen and King-men
Moroni kills 4000 king-men who refuse to fight
he Nephites slaughter Lamanitse until it's dark
Teancum murders Amalickiah in his sleep
52 Ammoron becomes king of the Lamanites
The battle of Mulek
53 The captured Lamanites are put to work
2000 Ammonite sons renounce their fathers' pacifism (to fight with the Nephites)
54 Moroni's letter to Ammoron
Ammoron's letter to Moroni
55 Drunken Lamanites
56 Helaman's letter to Moroni (part 1)
57 Helaman's letter to Moroni (part 2)
58 Helaman's letter to Moroni (part 3)
59 Maroni reads Helaman's letter
Maroni's first letter to Pahoran
The Lamanites attack the people of Nephihah
60 Moroni's second letter to Pahoran
61 Pahoran's letter to Moroni
62 Moroni and Paharon drive out the Lamanites
The king-men and freedom-deniers are executed
More fighting