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Wisdom : Science (7)

  1. I spent ten months in my mother's womb. 7:2

  2. God gave me the true knowledge of all things. I know how the universe was made, what it is made of, when it was created, and when it will end. I know about the stars, and the natures of living things. 7:15-19

  3. Wisdom has given humans dominion over all living things. 9:2

  4. Wisdom directed the course of the just (Noah) during the flood. 10:4

  5. The land of which still smokes, whose trees have fruit that never ripens, and where there is a pillar of sail as a monument to the incredulous soul (Lot's wife). 10:7

  6. She brought them through the Red Sea and carried them over the water. 10:18

  7. The Israelites drank water out of the rock. 11:4

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