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Every one had four faces apiece, and every one four wings; and the likeness of the hands of a man was under their wings. Ezekiel 10:21

Trivia: In Ezekiel 14, who were the only three people that God would save?

SAB: Trivia Questions


  1. According to Isaiah 42, who will cry like a woman in labor?
  2. In Isaiah 62, God gave the land of Israel a new name. What was it?
  3. According to Isaiah 65, what will lions eat on God's new earth?
  4. On the day of the great slaughter, how bright will the moon shine?
  5. In Isaiah 14, who is called the son of the morning?
  6. What did the seraph put on Isaiah's mouth in chapter 6?
  7. Who told Isaiah to walk around naked and barefoot for three years?
  8. According to Isaiah 42, what is God's name?
  9. In Isaiah 62, God gave the Israelites a new name. What was it?
  10. According to Isaiah 66, what is like killing an ox?
  11. Whose name does God have written on the palm of his hand?
  12. Who will smite the earth with the rod of his mouth and breath of his lips?
  13. According to Isaiah 14, what will come out of the cockatrice?
  14. According to Isaiah 44, who is God's shepherd?
  15. What sign did God give Hezekiah to tell him he would live another 15 years?
  16. According to Isaiah 65, what kind of people are a smoke in God's nose?
  17. In the last days, what will people do with their swords and spears?
  18. Who saw God sitting on a throne (in the year that King Uzzah died)?
  19. Who did God say should never say, "I am a dry tree"?
  20. Who did God call by name from his mother's womb?
  21. How many wings do seraphim have?
  22. Why did Isaiah say, "Woe is me!" in Chapter 6?
  23. What word did God tell Isaiah to write on a scroll?
  24. For how many years did Isaiah walk around naked and barefoot?

  26. Whose bowels were troubled by Ephraim?
  27. What city did God call the city of my joy?
  28. What prophet did God threaten to cast off the face of the earth?
  29. When did Jeremiah became a prophet?
  30. According to Jeremiah 31, who is God's firstborn son?
  31. What did God tell Jeremiah to hide in a rock by the Euphrates River?
  32. In Jeremiah 9, what does God say he'll make Jerusalem into?
  33. In Jeremiah 8, what did God say he'd do to the wise men who rejected his word?
  34. Who broke Jeremiah's wooden yoke?

  36. What type of bird did the author of Lamentations call cruel?
  37. Who did the author of Lamentations say would get drunk and naked?

  39. In Ezekiel 39, who did God invite to eat flesh and get drunk with blood?
  40. According to Ezekiel 39, if you find a human bone, where should you bury it?
  41. Who prophesied to bones and made them come to life?
  42. In Ezekiel 4, what did God tell Ezekiel to bake his bread with?
  43. Which of the God's wives in Ezekiel 23 plucked off her own breasts?

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