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(Jehovah's Witnesses)

An ex-Jehovah's Witness is an apostate, and no one is more despised and feared by the Governg Body. JWs are not allowed to speak to them under pain of disfellowshipping. Apostates will meet a horrible end at Armageddon, much worse than that reserved for regular nonJWs. To justify their hatred toward their former members, the NWT uses the word "apostate" wherever other translations have "hypocrite". Thus, they can claim that the bible says the following about exJWs:

  • "Before him [Jehovah] no apostate will come in." Job 13:16

  • They have no hope; Jehovah has abandoned them, destroyed their souls, and ignores their prayers. Job 27:8-9

  • Jehovah has condemned them to live and die among the male prostitutes. Job 36:13-14

  • They mock Jehovah and grind their teeth against him. Psalms 35:16

  • By their mouths they bring their others to ruin. Proverbs 11:9

  • Jehovah will show no mercy to apostates or to their fatherless children. Isaiah 9:17

  • They do "what is hurtful" and "speak against Jehovah." Isaiah 32:6

  • They are fearful sinners. Isaiah 33:14

  • They will be put to shame for "apostatizing from" Jehovah. (KJV says "all that forsake thee shall be ashamed.") Jeremiah 17:13

  • Are hopeless and will never repent. Hebrews 6:4