0 The Song of Solomon : Family Values

Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them. 4:2

Trivia: What are a woman's breasts compared to in the Song of Solomon?

The Song of Solomon : Family Values (4)

  1. "There are threescore queens, and fourscore concubines, and virgins without number."Â 6:8
  2. I wish you were like my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother. Then I'd kiss you and not be despised. 8:1
  3. I'd lead you to my mother's house and she would teach me. And I'd make you drink spiced wine from my pomegranate. 8:2
  4. "We have a little sister, and she hath no breasts ... But my breasts [are] like towers." 8:8-10

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