< Contradictions about God

Contradictions about God

And Animal Sacrfice
Does God desire animal sacrifices? (20)
Did God command the Israelites to make him burnt offerings? (96)

And Capital Punishment
Does God approve of capital punishment? (23)

And the Earth, the World, and Creation
Who created heaven and earth? (2)
Who owns the earth? (51)
Who is the Lord of this world? (161)
Was God satisfied with his creation? (543)

And Jesus
Is Jesus God? (349)
Are those who believe that Jesus is the Christ "of God"? (417)

And the Holy Ghost
When was the Holy Ghost given? (431)
Who sent the Holy Ghost? (445)

And Humans
Has God ever tempted anyone? (65)
Should we fear God? (132)
Is it OK to test (or tempt) God? (148)
Can God be found through reason alone? (290)
Can God be found? (300)
If God likes you, will everyone else like you too? (312)
Will everyone see the majesty of God? (316)
Will those who call on the Lord be delivered? (321)
Should you serve God alone? (336)
How are people judged by God? (359)
Who forces non-believers to disbelieve? (443)

And Human Sacrifice
Does God approve of human sacrifice? (66)

And the Sabbath
Does God work on the Sabbath? (439)

And Slavery
Does God approve of slavery? (42)

God's Body
Does God have a body? (17)
Can God be seen? (49)

God's Name
Did Abraham know God's name? (67)
What is God's name? (90)

God's Knowledge and Abilities
Does God know and see everything? (18)
Can God do anything? (59)
Does God know what is in everyone's heart? (149)
Can God stop iron chariots? (170)

God's Nature
How many gods are there? (9)
Does God respect anyone? (21)
Does God repent? (32)
Is God the author of confustion? (45)
Is God warlike or peaceful? (99)
Can God be tempted? (103)
Is only God holy? (113)
Does God ever get tired? (116)
Is God merciful? (120)
Does God love everyone? (131)
Does God lie? (139)
How long does God's anger last? (144)
Does God destroy both the righteous and the wicked? (289)
Is God the creator of evil? (294)
Does God sleep? (302)
Can only God work wonders? (306)
Does God want some to go to hell? (311)
Does God ever get furious? (317)

God's home
Does God dwell in darkness or in light? (227)
Does God dwell in temples? (228)
Where does God dwell? (296)

God's sons
How many sons does God have? (28)

God's word
Is every word of God pure? (250)

God's will
Is God's will always done in heaven? (342)

God's actions
Who destroyed Sodom and and Gomorrah? (61)
Who makes people deaf and blind? (94)
Who hardened the Pharaoh's heart? (95)
Did God kill all the Egyptian cattle in the fifth plague? (97)
Who wrote the (second set of) ten commandments? (119)
Did God bury alive all of Korah's children? (137)
How many did God kill for "committing whoredom with the daughters of Moab"? (140)
Does God forgive sins? (168)
Does God help in times of need? (176)
Why did God reject Saul as king? (180)
Where did God kill Uzzah? (202)
Who tempted David to number Israel? (212)
How many years of famine did God inflict upon the people for David's census? (215)
Did God give Gehazi leprosy? (241)
Did God commend or condemn Jehu for the killings at Jezreel? (245)
Why did God turn the sundial back ten degrees? (251)
Who brought evil on Job? (288)
Who cast Jonah into the sea? (323)