0 2 Machabees : Boring stuff

Others ... went to set fire to the towers and the gates, and to burn the blasphemers alive. 10:36

Trivia: Who created the first and only library mentioned in the Bible?

2 Machabees : Boring stuff (7)

  1. A letter from the Jews in Jerusalem to the Jews in Egypt 1:1-6

  2. Another letter 1:10-36

  3. A letter from Lysias to the Jews 11:16-21

  4. A letter from King Antiochus to Lysias 11:22-26

  5. A letter from King Antiochus to the Jews 11:27-33

  6. A letter from the Romans to the Jews 11:34-38

  7. Violence on the sabbath day 15:1-10

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