0 56. The Event : Absurdity

There wait on them immortal youths. ... And (there are) fair ones with wide, lovely eyes Like unto hidden pearls 56:17

Trivia: Which of the three groups of people will be have to eat from the Zaqqum tree and drink boiling water?

56. The Event : Absurdity (7)

  1. When the event happens, the earth will shake with a shock, and the hills will be ground to powder. 56:1-5
  2. There will be three kinds of people: those on the right hand, those on the left hand, and the foremost. 56:7-10
  3. The foremost group will be brought to gardens of delight, where they'll be waited on my immortal youths and fair ones with wide, lovely eyes, like hidden pearls. 56:11-23
  4. For the group on the right, Allah has created new virgins to be their lovers and friends. 56:27-37
  5. Those on the left hand, will endure scorching wind and scalding water (that is neither cool nor refreshing). 56:41-44
  6. This is a noble Quran. A hidden book which only purified people can touch. A revelation fro the lord of the worlds. 56:77-80
  7. If you're on the right hand, you get the garden of delight. But those who reject or make mistakes will be welcomed with boiling water and roasted in hell. That's a certain truth. 56:92-95

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