0 2. The Cow : Science

Guard yourselves against the Fire prepared for disbelievers, whose fuel is of men and stones. 2:24

Trivia: Which of the angels refused to bow down to Adam?

2. The Cow : Science (2)

  1. Allah taught Adam all the names of the plants and animals, which must have taken a while since there are 1.7 million species that are known, with probably another 10 million or so that are yet to be discovered. And this only includes those that are alive today. If extinct species are included (~99%), then Allah must have taught Adam a billion or so names. 2:31
  2. "When Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the House"
    "The House" is the Kaaba, which the Quran here (incorrectly)claims was built by Abraham and Ishmael. 2:127

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