0 55. The Beneficent : Absurdity

And the jinn did He create of smokeless fire. 55:15

Trivia: From what did Allah create the jinn?

55. The Beneficent : Absurdity (12)

  1. The Beneficent [Allah?] revealed the Quran and created things. 55:1-12
  2. Which is it, of the favours of your Lord, that ye deny? 55:13

    This question is repeated 31 times in this chapter.

    Here is my answer to it: All of them. (I'm only going to say that one time.)

  3. Allah created man from clay. 55:14
  4. Allah created he jinn out of smokeless fire. 55:15
  5. Allah is Lord of the two easts and two wests! 55:17
  6. He has let loose the two seas. There's a barrier betwen them, so they don't meet. 55:19-20
  7. We'll dispose of you, humans and jinn. 55:31
  8. Hhumans and jinn won't be able to penetrate all regions of heaven and earth without Allah's approval. 55:33
  9. Fire and brass will be sent against you. And you won't escape. 55:35
  10. Some day the heaven will split and turn a rosy-red color. 55:37
  11. The guilty will be known by their marks, and will be taken by their forlocks or their feet. 55:41
  12. Allah will give those in the Garden women of modest gaze whom neither man nor jinni have touched. 55:56-57, 55:70-74

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