0 18. The Cave : Cruelty & Violence

18. The Cave : Cruelty & Violence (10)

  1. Allah has prepared a Fire for the disbelievers. When they want a shower, Allah will give them a shower of molten lead to burn their faces. 18:29
  2. Christians will cry out to Allah's "partners", but they won't hear them; Allah will send them to their doom. 18:52
  3. Those who are condemned to the Fire know they will have no way to escape. 18:53
  4. Nothing prevents non-muslims from believing in Islam. So it's their own fault when they are sent to their doom. 18:55
  5. There is an appointed time in which the doomed will find no escape. 18:58
  6. Allah has destroyed many towns. 18:59
  7. On a certain day, Allah will present hell, in plain view, to the disbelievers. 18:100
  8. Allah will welcome the disbelievers into hell. 18:102
  9. The good works of disbelievers are all in vain. They will go to hell anyway. 18:104-105
  10. Hell is the reward for disbelievers because they made a jest of Allah's revelations and messengers. 18:106

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