0 20. Ta Ha : Cruelty & Violence

(Pharaoh) said: ... I shall cut off your hands and your feet alternately, and I shall crucify you on the trunks of palm trees 20:71

Trivia: Who misled the people by making a saffron-colored, lowing calf?

20. Ta Ha : Cruelty & Violence (6)

  1. Allah destroyed entire towns, yet the people still disbelieved. 20:6
  2. The people cried out for mercy, but Allah killed them anyway. 20:15
  3. Lo! it hath been revealed unto us that the doom will be for him who denieth and turneth away." 20:48
  4. "There [in hell] he will neither die nor live." 20:74
  5. Those who do not believe Allah's revelations will face doom in the Hereafter. 20:127
  6. Allah has destroyed many generations. 20:128

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