Apocrypha: Sex


  1. I ... abhor the bed of the uncircumcised." 14:15


  2. Judith wore haircloth on her loins. (She was an especially virtuous woman.) 8:6

  3. Holofernes gets drunk and falls in lust with Judith. 12:17-20

  4. Judith shows off the head of Holofernes, assuring everyone that no sex was involved in the performance of the murderous deed. 13:17-20

  5. When Achior (the leader of the Ammonites) saw what God had done (helped Judith cut off a drunken man's head) he immediately converted to Judaism and cut off his own foreskin. 14:6


  6. Virgins, eunuchs, and infertile women are especially blessed by God. (God hates sex.) 3:13b-14
  7. "O how beautiful is the chaste generation." 4:1