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Losing Faith in Faith

Dan Barker

The Case Against God

George H. Smith

Why Atheism?

George H. Smith

The Ways of an Atheist

Bernard Katz

A Philosophical Justification

Michael Martin

Suffering Belief: Evil and the Anglo-American Defense of Theism

A. M. Weisberger

Critiques of God:
Making the Case Against Belief in God

Peter A. Angeles (Editor)

The Evidential Argument from Evil

Daniel Howard-Snyder

What is Atheism

Douglas E. Krueger

The Ghost in the Universe

Taner Edis

Atheism: A Reader

S. T. Joshi

Nonbelief and Evil

Theodore M. Drange

Has Science Found God?

Victor J. Stenger

The Impossibility of God

Michael Martin, Ricki Monnier (Editors)

Atheism, Morality, and Meaning

Michael Martin