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Polygamists in the Bible

  1. Lamech
    "And Lamech took unto him two wives: ... Adah, and ... Zillah." Genesis 4:19
  2. Abraham
    Sarai (later renamed by God as "Sarah") Genesis 11:29
    Hagar (Sarah's female slave) Genesis 16:1-4
    "Then again Abraham took a wife, and her name was Keturah." Genesis 25:1
    other un-named wives and concubines Gen.25:6

  3. Esau
    Judith Gen.26:34
    Bashemath Gen.26:34, 36:2
    Mahalath Gen.28:9
    Adah Gen.36:2
    Aholibamah Gen.36:2

  4. Jacob
    Leah Gen.29:24
    Rachel Gen.29:28
    Bilhah Gen.29:29, 30:4
    Zilpah Gen.30:9

  5. Gideon
    had many un-named wives Jg.8:30
    and a concubine named Shechem Jg.8:31

  6. Elkanah
    Hannah and Peninnah 1 Sam.1:1-2

  7. David
    buys his first wife, Michal, with 200 Philistine foreskins 1 Sam.18:27
    God killed Nabal and David got his wife, Abigail, and 5 of her "damsels" 1 Sam.25:38-42
    Ahinoam 1 Sam.25:43
    Maacah 2 Sam.3:3
    Haggith 2 Sam.3:4
    Abital 2 Sam.3:4
    Eglah 2 Sam.3:5
    "And David took him more concubines and wives." 2 Sam.5:13
    Bathsheba 2 Sam.11:27

  8. Solomon
    300 wives, 700 concubines (Biblical record holder) 1 Kg.11:2-3

  9. Ashur
    Helah and Naarah 1 Chr.4:5

  10. Rehoboam
    18 wives 60 concubines 2 Chr.11:21

  11. Abijah
    "waxed mighty, and married fourteen wives." 2 Chr.13:21

  12. Jehoiada
    "took for him two wives." 2 Chr.24:3